Dark Void PhysX Update and Benchmark Released

Capcom has released an update for Dark Void which allows GeForce users to play with enhanced PhysX features, a performance benchmark has been released as well and both are readily available for download.

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xg-ei8ht3223d ago

I doubt this will sell well on any system.

Baka-akaB3223d ago

it is certain to flop on pc at least . NO way such a mediocre game would sell on the most pirated platform .

Doc Sony3223d ago

Capcom and Mediocre

two words have never been more in harmony with each other.

jkhan3223d ago

I played the first hour or so. the game looks alright. the art style is just bland and the ai is dumb. flying controls needed alot of work. its an alright game. unfortunately the game is way too bland and uninteresting plus with the stack of games coming out in the next couple of months, i wouldn't recommend anyone buying it.

steve30x3223d ago

I tried the benchmark and even though I have an 8800GTX for my Physix card tmy FPS was avg 7.9 with Physics enabled and just below 60FPS with Physics disabled.

dirthurts3223d ago

That's a big hit on the fps...

TheDeadMetalhead3223d ago

Remember when Capcom didn't suck?