Mass Effect 3 Is Two Years Away

With Mass Effect 2's release imminent, everyone's transitioning into "bug BioWare about Mass Effect 3" mode. Surprisingly enough, the studio's willing to discuss ME3.

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Myst3225d ago

Awesome two years and they already started working on it to. Well time to venture back to their forums and post the likes and dislikes of ME2 then. So close to ME2 and already their already brain storming the third, though I guess I shouldn't be as surprised as this should be common with a lot of studios.

mjolliffe3225d ago

Nothing confirms it as two years away though :S.

Sure, it might come out in two years time. But this is a very misleading title. I thought they'd confirmed it.

Anon19743224d ago

So they must be a ways into it already if they're looking at 2 years for the next one. Plus they just put out Dragon Age, plus they have that Star Wars MMO. Busy studio.

Droid Smasha3225d ago

pretend ME3 is a girl droids...

you wont be touching this either hahahaha