No Dpad - Battle for Wesnoth Review: Old-School Strategy Galore

No Dpad:

Turn-based strategy has been a genre that has shown promise on the iPhone, starting with the release of Mecho Wars from Oyaji Games and escalating to the level of PSP quality with the release of Rogue Planet from Agharta Studios. But nothing truly beats PC quality, as the PC has been the pretty much the basis of all video games. That's where Battle for Wesnoth steps in, being a port of an open-source turn-based strategy game driven by the community.

Battle for Wesnoth was first released in 2003 by David White, then made as a free software, and eventually expanded onto many different platforms including the Mac, PC, and Linux operating systems. A smart genius, Kyle Poole, then decided to port Battle for Wesnoth onto the iPhone, becoming one of our most favorite turn-based strategy games available on the iPhone.

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