Touch Arcade Review: 'Fleeced! – Shear Terror' – Llama Farmers Pack Some Serious Heat

Touch Arcade:

Nothing says "shear terror" like a good old fashioned brother vs. brother llama farm cannon battle, and Fleeced! – Shear Terror (developed by Bight Interactive Inc.) delivers that action in spades. This is the a revamp of the "castle defense" genre that absolutely works, and it even comes with online multipalyer.

The premise of Fleeced is quite unique, to say the least. You control one of two brothers in the midst of a hardcore sibling rivalry, and they've decided to settle their rivalry by setting up fragile llama pens about 100 feet from one another and firing cannons at each other. In a completely unrelated incident, there is one "llama rustler" prowling around the outskirts of both brothers' pens, and any time a wall is brought down by cannon fire they'll pounce on the unsuspecting llamas and shear some of their valuable fur.

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