Capcom And Microsoft Teasing New Exclusive

Siliconera: Capcom is working on a new Xbox 360 game that isn't Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil 5.

A teaser image in Xbox Japan's menu bar mentions a title premiere for Xbox 360, but doesn't reveal the game. No clues other than "Capcom X Microsoft" text. More news is scheduled to come on Tuesday, January 26, the same day Famitsu leaks usually appear on the Internet.

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Michael-Jackson3221d ago

I was thinking the same thing, possibly.

qface643221d ago

im getting a weird gut feeling that its either going to be natal related or most likely some sort of download game

THE MAX SPEED 213221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

hey noctis my friend! how are you doing? I havent seen a comment from you in a while. good to see you back.

And yep I agree with what you said. I dont know if you guys remember but the megaman creator showed interest in making a game with natal. so I would put my bets on megan Legend spinoff with natal.

Capcom @ Bungie's

GUNS N SWORDS3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

if it's Natal related why is it being published in Famitsu magazine?

that kind of news would be on EGM, IGN, or OXM, especially on OXM's website.

whateva3221d ago

that kind of make sense.

Fighting zombies in the middle of your room kicking and punching at them in real life.

FiftyFourPointTwo3221d ago

Dead Rising Natal will be cool. Played the first one and I really enjoyed it. ;)

Megaton3221d ago

Marvel vs. Capcom Natal: Epic Muscle Cramp Edition.

3221d ago
erathaol3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I agree with everyone else, its likely a Natal game.


Could be any number of reasons.

1. CAPCOM is a Major Japanese Company

2. The Xbox 360 sales are still very low in japan, so this game might inspire some to buy a Xbox 360 when it releases.

3. It could be a classic franchise revived that Japanese love and so it will catch a lot of gossip.

4. Famitsu is the biggest gaming magazine in Japan, they do get major stories like this because of the connections they have in the industry along with their huge number of readers.


"Capcom And Microsoft Teasing New Exclusive"

A game that will rival against Bayonetta........if they have the balls to do it they will. :)

colonel1793221d ago

What happened to the "We will only make multiplatform games the rest of this generation" Capcom?

ThanatosDMC3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I hope it's not Dead Rising 2 or Lost Planet 2!

@ ^

If there's a ton of money on the table, i'd cave in too.

IdleLeeSiuLung3221d ago

Capcom has been making great games so far, except for the freaken re-hashes.

Looking forward to see what this is... so much good news in the last 6-7 months in the gaming industry. It is insane!!!

Chris3993221d ago

MS has been pretty quiet on that front for a while, but I don't think that they've "given up" on Japan just yet.

I don't think this is Natal related. At least I hope it's not.

We still have Mistwalker's and or "MS Large Scale RPG" project to look forward to as well. Say what you want about the $hit hardware, but MS is really trying to make a name for themselves this gen. Gotta give them props for that.

FiftyFourPointTwo3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

OK. I posted this in the OZ. But could it be related to this:
Read the last part of the article.

EDIT: Instead of disagreeing, why dont you click the link and see for yourself. -__-'

captain-obvious3221d ago

im sure its that natal game they were talking about

FamilyGuy3221d ago

I just hope it isn't something I'm interested in. I only have a PS3 and don't plan on buying a 360 anytime in the foreseeable future.

I HOPE it's just some Natal related project.

SilentNegotiator3221d ago

Unfortunately, it probably IS natal related.

lightningsax3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Dead Rising 2 is a great guess, but that's being made for the 360, PC, and PS3, so that's probably not it.

If it's an existing IP, it could be interesting to see a complete reworking of Devil May Cry. I'm pretty sure they still own the rights to the past Clover titles, so Okami isn't out of the realm of possibilities and makes sense with Natal (although I'm not sure that 360 exclusivity would be a great marketing move for that game).

A left field guess, given that this is a Japan announcement, is a completely new and Natal-centric Mobile Suit Gundam game. They developed a lot of the arcade and PS2 Gundam games, so they're pretty linked to the series. Maybe #2's Steel Battalion guess wasn't too far off.

One last thing - I'm not so sure that Capcom would be ready to announce a Natal title. It seems like all these Natal and Sony Motion Controller projects would be leaking if they weren't under an extremely strict lock and key for an E3 blowout announcement session. Maybe this is an XBLA title, such as, from #2.1, a Strider title.

Bungie3221d ago

Street Fighter vs Killer Instinct

nuff said

Saaking3221d ago

meh, natal= idk. It better be an actual game.

vhero3221d ago

Definitely super street fighter IV related probably gonna be a 360 exclusive edition.

DeadlyFire3221d ago

Something to do with Natal I bet.

The Happy Baby3220d ago

For some reason, its the only possibility I can think of.
But I dont care for Megaman, so hopefully its something much more exciting.

FiftyFourPointTwo3220d ago

This game is a from a well known franchise on the Xbox360 which will be developed by Capcom but this time will be taking a new direction/genre.
You heard it from me first.......... :)

reaferfore203220d ago

It's Capcom vs. Windows TURBO!

Cold 20003220d ago

Im not going to get my hopes high so it's sure even if it isnt anything big I wont be dissapointed.

Shepherd 2143220d ago

Nice, seems like MS is picking up the pace with some new exclusives. 2009 to me wasnt as dry as some people tried to make it out to be, since i still bought more than several great games. But 2010 and beyond seems to be filling in the exclusives gap that they lingered in for awhile.

BYE3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Meh...another announcement of an announcement...

Can't get excited until I see what it is.

Tito083220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

And seems to be related to Super Street Fighter 4,or if its an exclusive game, I would like to see what it is!!!!

baum3220d ago

Capcom sure knows how to take care of their long time fans /s.

facepalm3220d ago

Was the GTAIV: Episodic content released in Japan??

(Considering that it's an X360 exclusive, and the Capcom is publishing GTAIV in Japan.)

PandemicPrawn03220d ago

I'm guessing some kind of exclusive SF4 tournament via Xbox live sponsored by Capcom and Microsoft.

Chris3993220d ago

Not an exclusive. This is like the Lost Planet reveal last year. Follow the original link or find a different source.

I'm suspecting that the publisher of this story changed the title for hits.

I'm guessing now, that this is Monster Hunter for the 360/ PS3.

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Michael-Jackson3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

It's a natal gimmick, who cares. Don't get too excited ;)

polow got sol3221d ago

I can sense the fear in this one

JasonPC360PS3Wii3221d ago

It's just another exclusive to the already huge 360 2010 lineup. Can't say the same about the PS3 since it only has 2 games all year.

Your fear smells like roses and cherries.

Droid Smasha3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

ps3 got no games

talltony3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Who would possibly want to play the agent or the last guardian, and Gow 3 its not even 1080p which makes it gimme a break who could actually believe that.

Oh and 2 games? I see what you did their, you rounded down so the company with the most 1st and second party exclusives would look bad. lol

taylork373220d ago

Wow..agent and last guardian...heavy hitters. Come on.

talltony3220d ago

I can promise you both will be massivley epic. Just look who makes them. You probaly just dont like playstation, rockstar, or games in general if you think they wont be epic.

talltony3220d ago

Mag is epic, it's a 256 player online fps for crying outloud. The only people that diss it are fanboys and the ones that never gave it a chance and never even got past rank 10 in the beta.

taylork373220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I have played hours of MAG beta, and it is just an unoriginal fps with 256 players. It is an average game, and adding that many players doesn't really make it EPIC. Instead of 10 players camping you have 100.

morganfell3220d ago

Fear? No. Rockstar > Capcom...

nightelfmohawk3220d ago

rail shooter with waggle controls. Now with more dreadlocks!

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Skerj3221d ago

Steel Battalion Natal.

Evildoomnerd3221d ago

but I'll place a bet on either Strider or Dino Crisis 4.

Skerj3221d ago

HIGHLY doubt it'd ever be an exclusive Strider, and I'm pretty sure if Dino Crisis ever got resurrected it'd be multiplat too (even though the HORRIBLE 3rd game was Xbox exclusive). A Natal game and to some extent Steel Battalion are the only things that make sense.

ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago

Do I detect a fellow Vertical Tank driver?! I want another steel battalion line of contact game so bad!

Mkai283221d ago

I can see them makeing a Steel Batallion game running on Natal, voice command, motion controls. Perhaps if it is this game there will be no controls to use at all?remember, they did say they were working on a hardcore title on Natal.
(Tech Romancer)remeRrr

The Maxx3221d ago

Oh god. Steel Batallion is the greatest game ever released. With SB coming out on Natal, you won't need to buy a $300 controller!!! LOL however making movements on the screen would be a lot more difficult than actually having the buttons right on your finger tips.

Damn the more i think about it, the more i realise that it's not going to be Steel batallion. What a shame.

Sevir043220d ago

For one, lastyear in January they exclusivesly announced Lost Planet 2 on XBOX LIVE, only to have Sony Confirm Lost Planet 2 on the PS3 6 months later.. if this is anything like this then it'll be a new game announced for the 360 first with a new trailer and then Sony gets to have the game demo'd exclusively at E3 later on.. and lets be fair,

Most of you complaining about this should stop. Capcom Has Devil Kings 3 only on the PS3 with the Wii getting some sort of low res spin off of the series, so exclusives do come, they have said that it'll be by a case by case basis.

We shoudl wait and see. but to be totally honest, I'm not excited.. for one Capcom has been failing alot. DMC4 wasn't that good, a RE5 was RE4 in HD and new skins with Co-op the only game thats actually good that i have played is Lost Planet 2. so we'll see.

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ClownBelt3221d ago

New Ip? Remakes? Natal game? Many possibilities and I'm very excited for it.

moneybuyseverything3221d ago

Yep! Why did you get disagrees? What ever it is, the way it's being presented is not your everyday reveal.

Nevers3220d ago

Monster Hunter PRZ !!!!

... and STAT!!!

Halo3 MLG Pro3221d ago

Great news. Capcom has been on fire this gen with superb new franchises like Dead Rising and Lost Planet.

Nicaragua3221d ago

I'd 100% disagree, the majority of capcoms output this generation has been very crap.

Bionic Commando - crap
Street Fighter 4 - crap
Resident Evil 5 - crap
Dark Void - crap
Devil May Cry 4 - crap

Dead Rising was really good but i dont think Lost Planet is up to much.

FiftyFourPointTwo3221d ago

Street Fighter 4 isnt crap. You're just saying that because you always get pwnd online.

Nicaragua3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

No, im saying it as i dont play it online at all - due to it being crap...duh.

Still i do like your childish comeback, let me see if i can match your razor wit - "You only like street fighter 4 coz your a dirty bummer, lolz !"

lightningsax3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Talk all you want about childish comebacks - we're in a very subjective argument here, and the only thing you're saying is that SFIV is crap. No supporting statements whatsoever.

See, look, I'll give my short opinion to start you off. I happen to think it's a great game - despite an online system that's immaturely designed (hopefully fixed with that $40 expansion pack, ugh), they did a great job on making an intricate fighting game accessible to the masses. Plus, the graphics are icing on the cake - the facial animation stuff is priceless!

Care to tell us why you think it's crap before we start guessing again?

green3221d ago

Just finished Resident Evil 5 for the 1st time yesterday and they game was awesome. So speak for yourself when saying SF4 and RE5 are crap.

Michael-Jackson3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Please tell me why SFIV is crap? you suck at it or not into fighters? I personally think it's a good game but I'm still a noob at it since its the first SF game I owned and played.
Resident Evil 5 wasn't scary and it wasn't RE4 but it plays the same, It a great game but it's a let down at the same time. Both well made and polished games.

Nicaragua3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

@lightningsax - its hardly a "very subjective argument", its a comments box regarding capcom. I think their output is crap - hence my comment.

Would i like to detail why i think its crap ? No, my comment was an overview of capcoms overall output and i cant be arsed to break down why i think each of those games is crap, if i ever do write a full detailed review of why i dislike SFIV then you'll be the first one i mail it out to.

@Green - speak for myself ??? who else do i claim to be speaking for ? Im stating my opinion, if you dont agree with it then tick the little disagree box but dont bleat back at me like i care that you have a different opinion. Write your own comment telling Capcom how super they are.

@Michael Jackson - I am into fighters and regularly play tekken 5 and blazblue which (in my opinion) are much more advanced fighting games and are infinitely better than SFIV...which is crap

FACTUAL evidence3220d ago

This is your first SF......omg....Now you wanna know why us REAL SF fans say SF4 is garbage? Go play SF 3rd strike then play'll then know why.