Dark Void - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Jetpacks are one subject that should always make for a good video game or film, especially if you throw in outer space and world domination. Because of this belief developer Airtight Games and publisher Capcom decided to unleash a little product known as Dark Void, onto the Xbox 360 gaming public. Taking its cues from movies such as Rocketeer and Star Wars it seemed as though the game was setup for success. Ever since I saw Dark Void for the first time over twelve months ago the creators used a couple key gameplay mechanics to describe exactly what they were brining to the next-gen table: jetpacks and vertical combat (with cover). These definitive features end up being both the best and worst parts of my review experience. For a game needs to be successful it needs not only an overall fun-factor but it must control well and be enjoyably playable throughout the entirety of the campaign."

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