Splinter Cell: Conviction Book Review, Kills More Braincells Than Trees

If there's one thing that should be done well, it's books based on videogames. Gamers place ridiculous standards on their favorite properties, so there's really no excuse for publishers to do a half-assed job when making any additional product for the franchise. It doesn't matter if it's another game, action figures, posters, or even books. Though the latter is a rarity, Splinter Cell is one of the few franchises that has continued to put out fairly decent literature, even by a gamer's standards.

Their latest isn't worth the paper it's written on.

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3222d ago
chaosatom3221d ago

Why did he read the book, before the game?

makes it seem like he wants hits.

Blaze9293221d ago

people are submitting book reviews now? Oh N4G

erathaol3221d ago

It is a book based on a video game, like the Halo books or the Resident Evil books. I'm guessing the guy wanted to find out about Convictions story before the release, similar to those who read the novel that a movie is based off before watching the movie itself. Like Harry Potter, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or even something like Watchmen.

SilentNegotiator3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

.....just kidding.

Who would want to ruin the plot for themselves?
I want to watch the cutscenes and play the game, not spoil the game reading a book.

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Ninji3222d ago

Looks like this flopped much like the game will.

-MD-3221d ago

You're still upset you don't get to play it, we get it.

cereal_killa3221d ago

Isn't it on PC as well Muppet so I guess people don't need a 360 to play it I for one will be playing this on my 360 and will be the 1st time since I played Ninja Blade that my 360 gets turned on.

DevastationEve3222d ago

Whoa. Did they read it in Chinese?

That really sucks...the BOOK? THE BOOK SUCKS???

Anyway, it's about as close to Splinter Cell as PS3 gamers will get ;)

chaosatom3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

nice try troll

You're username gave away your trollness, before your comment

DUDE, stop disagreeing with me with your MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, and stop agreeing with yourself and giving yourself bubbles.

Arnon3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"DUDE, stop disagreeing with me with your MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, and stop agreeing with yourself and giving yourself bubbles."

(Also, yes. He does seem like he just wants hits.)

DevastationEve3221d ago

Actually I've had just this one account for a long time, I only changed the name back in the beginning of 2008. I used to be DarkWraithAngel.

What happened to the name changing option?

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Paradicia3221d ago

Wow.. fail article is fail.

Seriously 1/10? GTFO..

What a lame attempt at trying to gain hits.

*Reports Article*

mastiffchild3221d ago

I can't get the lionk to work anyway but, seriously, he praises the other SC books in the stuff under the headline so isn't it just possible that this book stinks? How is a poor book review score looking for hits? I'm sorry and I don't want to offend anyone I just don't get why this is whoring for hits? Do other people who like SC really care about the literature that much? Noone said the game looks bad did they(again, if he DOES say that then I'm sorry but he dosn't even imply it in the headline and leading paragraph at all)?

Whatever, I don't lnow so much about great game books as i've never read anything which was a game first and book later on myself. I did try ne of the Halo novels and was left feeling mightily bored and wishing I'd stucj to the games but as someone who got into the games and THEN tried a novel mayube it's because the universe wasn't as I imagined it would be from playing the games, no? Seriously, though, I really thought it was a tired old bit of nonsense! Horses for courses I suppose!My bessie mate, on the other hand SWEARS by the Halo books and is, actually, quite a talented, published poet-go figure.

Saaking3221d ago

Why make a book, bots don't read.

kenpachi3221d ago

its not they don't read they cant read all those small letters confuzzle them

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