MAG Pricing and Distribution Details

"Many gamers out there have been amazed by the lack of marketing Sony has done for MAG when it is releasing January 26, this coming Tuesday. With the game being only a few days away, we have yet to hear anything about pricing or distribution options for this game, until finally received information from Jill Webber, PR representative for MAG."

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Nick2120043225d ago

I was honestly expecting the same setup as Socom: Confrontation with a $39.99 download and Blu-ray only copy, but also a bundle with the official PlayStation headset for $59.99.

Blaze9293225d ago

Lmfao I'm with Nick212004 on this one. Full $60 for THIS? And I would have surely thought they'd have a downloadable version.

$60 price tag for a multiplayer only game, almost zero marketing has been done for this game and it comes out Tuesday, can't download it - is Sony TRYING to make this game fail?

ipwnall3225d ago

Because the game already has 200k+ preorders...

AridSpider3225d ago

Really? Got some links to back that up buddy?

Guido3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

And folks are complaining about the retail price? And to anybody that complains about this and has the gull to defend the price for Live, you can take a long walk off a short pier. MAG may not be my cup of tea but for those that want a truly epic online battle that stresses teamwork and strategy, this is the game to play for a long time to come.

Oh, and what was the original retail price of Shadowrun? Yeah, and that game had nothing going for it but a demo of the upcoming Crackdown game...

darx3225d ago

Did you participate in the beta?

Guido3225d ago

I found it fun when the mates would act together. It was not my cup of tea but it was more fun that Shadowrun and many paid full price for that.

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

ROTFL, having 256 players justifies 60$ price? There should be more MMOs on the consoles then - they can be utter crap, but all you have to do is hit the 256 player milestone and suddenly: instant hit!

By the way, I have nothing against MAG's price tag or MAG itself. 256 players is a technical achievement on consoles, but it's far less important than gameplay and content.

@ryuzu: ever heard of MMO FPS? Besides, I'm replying to "First console game to have 256 players in a single online game...". Read it again. "Console game". Not "console FPS". It's amazing, how you come to News 4 GAMERS, but can't tell the difference between "game" and "FPS game".

ryuzu3225d ago

Wow - can't believe there are people who come to a site called New 4 GAMERS but can't tell the difference between an mmo and an FPS.


Jamescagney3225d ago

That's not saying much seeing as Shadowrun was a pile of sh1t.

raztad3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

How comes some of you guys are surprised if Amazon and every other retailers are taking preorder for this game long time ago. I have game preordered on Amazon, $53.99 and $10 off on a new purchase.

I think Sony is making a mistake relying only on Beta player for buying the game and dropping a Massive Ad push for the game. Typical Sony, waiting for word of mouth and internet forums to sell their exclusives.

Even if VGCHARTZ numbers for MAG preorders are accurate, I dont think they are good enough to do nothing about pushing the game out the store.

BTW, MAG is multi only but it does have a back story. MAG is a persistent world game, you're fighting in one of the 3 PMC in the Shadow War. It's not just your regular rinse and repeat fps.

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago

"You're a soldier that fights in a war" is not a story. MAG doesn't need plot, let's not try to make one up.

SilentNegotiator3225d ago

Heck, I'd be willing $40, maybe even $50, for MAG, but full price on a MP-only game......I don't know.

In a way, I sort of see what Guido is saying. I mean, the servers don't come cheap, I'm sure. And Zipper is sort of a small dev.

Guido3225d ago

Thank you, my point exactly. People didn't get into a tizzy much then but oh, now that it is a Sony game, we can't have that!!! The idiots complaining here gladly paid 60 bucks for Shadowrun and they paid for Live on top of it. So tell me, where are those supporters now and why would anybody be b*tching now when MAG offers way more than Shadowrun? It's all the hypocrisy coming through... Nothing new.

harrisk9543225d ago

Interesting. Even though it is VG Chartz, I am amazed to see the majority of the pre-orders in the top 10 are PS3 titles (#s 2,3,4,8,9), including Bad Company 2 having more pre-orders on the PS3 than the 360 and Dante's Inferno being #8 for the PS3 and not in the top 10 for the 360... AND FFXIII having 102,812 pre-ordered on the PS3 and only 49,740 on the 360...

Not saying that VG Chartz is always 100% accurate... just saying it's interesting.

OGharryjoysticks3225d ago

They said a long time ago that this game would be only on disc because it's pretty much going to fill a bluray disc...and by doing that, to me it's worth 60. Sure, it's probably not a dual layer bluray, but coming close to filling a single layer is still multiple DVDs.

Udidntlistenpunk3225d ago

Unless you actually enjoyed the single player campaign, which hardly anyone did. Hell, I didnt even finish the single player and went straight to multi.

nnotdead3225d ago

@1.13- i was thinking the same thing. $40 i was interested. now at $60 im less so. i have Mass Effect to buy anyways. i will wait for Gamefly to send it and if i continue to enjoy it i will just keep it.

@1.17- at least they had a SP campaign. also a co-op mode to go along with it.

davekaos3225d ago

I didnt see people complaining about the price of halo O.D.S.T
and that was practically an add on, if anything that should of been downloadable content.
only concern i have with this game is that the game should launch with a headset of somesort.
I cant complain though because me and my buddies who are getting this all have mics.
There is 15 of us so as far as team work goes we are pretty much sorted

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago

Please cry some more. Your tears are delicious.

PS. People complained about price of Shadowrun and ODST.

raztad3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )


A link for you: http://www.jointheshadowwar...

Let me repeat it: MAG DOES have a backstory and the war economy is persistent. Every battle won/lost has an impact in the Shadow War running on among the three PMCs.

And if you want a complex plot, my advice it's to find some RPGs.

SoapShoes3225d ago

It's not going to be downloadable because it is too big! The beta was already like 4gigs and that was compressed and not even the full game.

BLuKhaos3224d ago

So there's no headset bundled in? Meh no buy from me then, I didn't like the beta but I would have bought it if it came with a headset bundled in.

frostypants3224d ago

This isn't ODST bad, but it's still bad.

I was assuming it would have the same general distro/pricing strategy as Warhawk. Now, Warhawk was one of the best values ever and I would have paid more in retrospect. But unless this game is Warhawk-level quality, I might have to pass at this pricepoint.

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trounbyfire3225d ago

this is upsetting for sure. i was one of the people that wanted this game at 40 of 50 dollars. i am sure that with no single player and the fact that you will have to wait a long time for the 256 map to fill up means that sony F'up again. hate to say it but i am worried about GOD OF WAR 3. Sony couldn't even promote Uncharted and they promoted the PS3 and PSP go more than uncharted. many this sucks thats why PS3 games get out sold by 360 games. they is little to no marketing.

mastiffchild3225d ago

GOW3 will be fine as it's a massive name already and one Sony will lkely push quitee hard but,I have to agree that their marketing and pricing strategies are bemusing to me sometimes.

I uppose MAG is benmg pusheds at full retail because of the innovative aspect that made it a hard and expensive one to develop and with 256 players possibl;e per game it's servers are going to be massively workd all the time and must also takle some money keping, fixing and maintraining them.Whatever, though, it's a game that NEEDS a headset if you ever wish to lead anyone else(personally I really don't and JUST want to be part of a close nit team/squad in the middle of the bigger battle!)and would be good even if youdon't so you can still inform your leader and squad f what's coming up, going on or anything else to help or call for it yourself. It's an amazing game when you have a good squad around you talking and doing their objectives/FRAGOS and would, for me, be worhth full price admission but I STILL think a $70 or $65 package with a cheap heady would be best for the health of the game but a DLC title it isn't. I wouldn't want all that permanently back on my HDD! It was a massive sized beta download wasn't it? Surely with a lot more maps and stuff on the full game disc a DD copy would be a vast file size, no? Would take a week to download if the bloody beta(the first tim round anyway) was owt to go by as that took me HOURS to get finished and installed!

Anyway, I don't know if many people on the edge of buying MAG will bother when it's fukll privce as they're used to MW2 and KZ2 having on AND offline campaigns at that price and Warhawk and Sopcom confrontaton being cheaper as they're just online aren't they?People won't care whether Zipper's efforts or the many serves deserve the price tag , no, they'll just think it's expensive for no SP! Then again 360 owners(including my own stupid self) bought both L4D games t full price(or higher than pretty much any other 360 game for me at £45!)and noone could argue that they have anything like a real opffline mode and they aren't nearly as innovative as MAG is!

Still needs to be ,marketed a lot better and I have MNEVER seen one yet for the game-and I've been looking, oo, as it was a magical beta WHEN it all came together but the Socom massive will support it and through word of mouth and over time the game wioll sell and sell well as long as the community doesn't get killed by those unwilling to play it properly as it's just not a game where you can lone wolf it or pretend you're still playing COD!

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago

@mastiff: Come on, man. I'd really want to know your take on the story, but you keep writing walls-of-text consisting mainly of typos. Have mercy!

Udidntlistenpunk3225d ago

If you want it for 40-50 bucks, thats possible too.

Just wait a few months until retailers price the game down to 40-50 bucks.

BeaArthur3225d ago

I think it's interesting that we are 5 days away and we have not seen one review. It doesn't matter to me because I was underwhelmed by the demo and won't be picking this one up, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a very average game.

mastiffchild3225d ago

How can it be "average"? I can accept "grand folly", "too dear for online only", "massive fail" or "wildly successful" as possiblities but not "average" at all.

Thing is, if you don't play as part of your squad you're going to find it really unforgiving and a little confusing, imo, and even if you just aren't used to playing as part of a team or squad it's a tough game to get nto the real swing of.

When it does work, though, and when the bits fall into place with a good leader and a good set of squadmates it's little short of amazing to me. In those, admittedly rare in the first bet, moments it was as good and better than even my greatest nights playing any online FPS even though it's also dead, dead different.COD4 feels anaemic and soulless with it's killstreaks and perks after the MAG beta to me and I've not found the same buzz from TF2 that I used to and it's all down to MAG and those few perfect games I've had.

As for the reviews, well I think they'll wait for the servers to go up for the full, worldwide game if ui'm honest so they will be in a position to really praise it or really go for it's jugular! no point reviewing it based on limited paly with closed beta memebers of the pres at all as it's moving on towards full release all the time and was still being fiddled with all the tim during the open beta! I predict it's gonna be up and down as it's game you eiher get to love or don't get at all-that's what I imagine from mates beta impressions anyway. some loved it and others didn't even want to give it a chance!

I'll say again, though, hthis will sell well over tim and might just still be the start of something very special. All it needs is the right community and for others to understand that, sometims, a game just isn't your cup of tea for whatever reason but that doesn't mean it's broken or average or anything other than something others might like more than you-you couldn't say it's a bad game technically for instance and it looks amazingly good for the number of players, the shooting's tight and feels punchy to boot so, really, it's just down to whether you get the game and want to be a team playr and bvery lttle else-this is what will decide whether the game's for you or not, imo. Online only gams rarely suffer fro,m ebuing abl to be as bad as a SP game can be as you avoid dumb AI,scripts and acting that sucks and all of the other variables of development in a trad sp campaign. S I dn't se avrage as an option for a revolutionary attempt lik MAG myself. But, hey, who am I? I just think it's morepolarising than you do, yes?

BeaArthur3225d ago

mastiffchild...yes average, as in the gameplay wasn't anything special. True we have never seen so many players online and the teamwork could be unparalleled but you are forgetting one important fact. Most people on the PSN don't have a headset (or at least don't use them). How is it supposed to be some epic multiplayer game with layers of great strategy as you claim when no one talks.

Double Toasted3225d ago

You have me laughing every time you post! A wall of text each and every f*cking never fails, lol!

SmokeyMcBear3225d ago

did you play the beta at all? Over half of the squad would have mics.. and the others would be cool and follow orders.... you call something out, and the squadmates without mics would follow or do what you tell them, it was actually pretty cool.

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divideby03225d ago

open need to market as much as games without an open beta

ViciousBoston3225d ago

You can't review a game based on a BETA. Thats why there are no reviews. The full game with full features has not been released. Its hard to rate an online only game. You'll see reviews pop put the night of release and the next day.

BeaArthur3225d ago

Not necessarily; a lot of games have multiplayer aspects that get reviewed before the release of the game. At this point the game is finished and could be reviewed. I see what you're saying but the developers could make it possible for this game to be reviewed before it's out. They could make some private servers for review purposes.

SmokeyMcBear3225d ago

dude no.. other games get review because they get have a single player element to the game. That is what was such a joke about warhawk reviews previous to launch.. there was no one to play with, or only the 4 player split screen.. nothing like the game was supposed to be.