5 Reasons You Have to Play Mass Effect 2

The sequel to BioWare's hit game of 2007 is quickly approaching. Mass Effect 2 releases in less than a week, and fans everywhere are counting down the days. The second installment in the trilogy promises everything that was great in the first game and much, much more.

Explicit Gamer takes a look at 5 great reasons Mass Effect 2 is THE must-play title of Q1 2010.

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TrevorPhillips3223d ago

Mass Effect 2 = EPIC APPROVED!

mikeslemonade3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You had to play Mass Effect 1 in 2007. You would have been way more impressed.

Neoraf3223d ago

Mass Effect 2 = 2010 Game of the Year

BldyShdw3223d ago

But it will definitely be great, the 1st was one of the only reasons i bought a 2nd 360 after my RROD.

3223d ago
King813223d ago

never played this game cause I don't have a 360. Can someone tell me what its about? My friend owns a 360 and said it has a great story

kaveti66163223d ago

It's a Sci-Fi space-faring adventure akin to Star Wars, I would say. It's a shooter RPG that has story-telling elements that can be chosen by the player, like in Knights of the Old Republic 1&2.

King813223d ago

very much for explaining it to me. Sounds pretty good. I'm gonna have to go over to my friend's and check it out

3223d ago
THE MAX SPEED 213223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

people are getting alot of disagrees from sony fangurls I see.

edit: I am refering to agent-x getting disagrees for saying the game is epic.

Who do you think disagreed with him? PC gamers? Xbox360 gamers? Obviously it was Sony fangurls.

BldyShdw3223d ago

Not sure who your refering to but you whine alot.

GameOn3223d ago

Well there's one suspect.

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The story is too old to be commented.