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Halo: Reach Edge Scans

Halo Report writes, "The latest issue of Edge magazine featured eight pages of Reach goodness and here's the scans if don't have the issue." (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

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Ninji  +   2209d ago
It looks like a PS2 game.
Then again, the 360 is a last gen console.
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Zool 08  +   2209d ago
Even MW2 looks better.
7ero H3LL  +   2209d ago
those shot's are from before thanksgiving.

and the trailer that was first shown wasn't, so what does that mean?
it means the trailer is newer.
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Shadow Man  +   2209d ago
"this stage in development a lot of it is computer generated. Nothing in game is finish"

"the level of scattered detail is higher than Halo3's"
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2209d ago
PS3 has and will never have a game this big.
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
I think it looks incredible. It seems a lot of the detail is lost on some people.

I mean honestly, which one do you think looks better?

I think the bottom two look better.
iDystopia  +   2208d ago
LOL @ last place, defeated Droids who try to pretend PlayStation is still popular

LoL poor sore loser Droids will be so pwned at E3
CernaML  +   2208d ago
Everybody seems to be forgetting about Gran Turismo 5.
frankymv   2209d ago | Spam
00  +   2209d ago
like the art style.
talltony  +   2209d ago
Am i impressed?
Not really, but it looks good. Halo is about gameplay anyways. Who has ever bought halo for its graphics. Still this is what halo 3 should have looked like. I like the more realistic aproach. But i want to see better scans of gameplay. No one really knows what it will look like exactly.
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mikeslemonade   2209d ago | Spam
NewZealander  +   2209d ago
the game is only 70% complete, so lets just wait for the full game before crying doom and gloom about graphics, im sure it will shape up really well, just look at how far god of war has come along since the demo, its looking amazeing, and im sure halo reach will too.
u got owned  +   2209d ago
Looking awesome and this is an old build, cant wait to see the new build.
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Megan Fox  +   2209d ago
This game is looking amazing, look at the level of detail in the 1st person view screenshot.
if is true that this is and 4-5 month old build, i can imagine how this game will look like when is done.
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
Yeah I like the particular look this game has. It looks really amazing.
starchild  +   2209d ago
You shouldn't be so quick to judge. Scans can make games look worse than they are. Do you remember some of the scans of Killzone 2 we got? Some of those didn't look that good. Remember this:

Or this:

Compare those to the Halo Reach scans and I would say Halo Reach looks a lot better.
vhero  +   2208d ago
Images are dead on the link unfortunately. Either way they probably won't be final as it's still too early in the games development to get anything near final graphics.
LEGENDARY PELON  +   2208d ago
For the ps3 FANGIRLS!
Get out of here! Leave!!
We dnt need you BS about Halo this Halo that!
Your proving yourself a hater!!

Like i said, go look at some of your 2080p vids of Unfarted 2 or GOW3! "Just dont get to horny about it"

Like my grandpa once said, haters always hate on the King!!
talltony  +   2208d ago
Starchild I am not even judging it
Which is why I said "No one really knows what it will look like exactly" But from what we have all seen no one should be impressed, thats all I am saying. We just need some freakin gameplay already.
MNicholas  +   2208d ago
Why is everyone surprised?
It looks not better or worse than one could reasonably expect.

It's running on hardware that was maxed out years ago. It's foolish to continue hoping for miracles.
Traveler  +   2208d ago
Neither console is maxed out. Naughty Dog said Uncharted 2 used the PS3 100% but that doesn't meant that they can't make improvements to how the software uses the hardware. The same can be said for the 360. We will surely see better looking games on both consoles.
MNicholas  +   2207d ago
In terms of hardware utilization
the PS3 (Uncharted 2, Killzone 2) and 360 (lots of games) are both maxed out already.

The difference is that, unlike the 360's CPU, the Cell benefits tremendously from a little bit of optimization. This means that, unlike the 360's CPU, the Cell has a lot of head-room left while the 360 does not.

Uncharted 1 looks better than any game on the 360 (and until Killzone 2) any game on the PS3 and barely touched the Cell. Goal for the sequel: Develop a system to use all the SPUs all the time.

Uncharted 2 looks better than any other game, even on PS3, and uses all the SPUs on the Cell processor. Goal for the sequel: Now that we have a good system in place to utilize all the SPUs, let's refine the code so that it's more efficient in how it uses the SPUs.
TrevorPhillips  +   2209d ago
game is great looking forward to it

lordkemp007  +   2209d ago
If UC2 was a graphical Eva Mendes, then this is more Rosie O'Donnell.
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Mooey1   2209d ago | Spam
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
More like Jessica Alba.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2209d ago
Not impressed.
Shadow Man  +   2209d ago
thats what she said to you! LOL

edit: Thank You Good Sir
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2209d ago
I could just edit my comment and counter that..

But i'll give you this win lol.
Mooey1   2209d ago | Spam
emk2004  +   2209d ago
where are the kz2 graphics aaron greenburg was fan boying about?
vhero  +   2208d ago
To be fair he is gonna say that he is the BIGGEST 360 fanboy around but that's because its his job to say and be the BIGGEST fanboy around. Also who cares?? You think this game is gonna sell on graphics?? Halo 3 certainly didn't.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2209d ago
Honestly tho, can someone PLEASE tell me if it's going to be 720P this time?
starvinbull  +   2208d ago
Very unlikely. If it's 720p I imagine the first thing to go would be AA.

People are comparing this game to KZ2 I don't know what planet they are on. Stylistically I'm sure it can compete with any other game but in terms of hardware it just isn't possible on the 360.
gamer2010  +   2208d ago
Nonsense. The 360 is just as powerful (if not a bit more powerful) as the PS3.

It is easy to see in the screen shots that Halo Reach looks better than Killzone 2 in many ways. Not to mention that Halo Reach will have bigger scale and 4 player co-op.
King81  +   2209d ago
is really not impressive
Timesplitter14  +   2209d ago
Look, people. I don't have an X360 but I think it looks extremely nice.

Come on it's not 2006 anymore. You don't have to be fanboys all the time.

Or are you all just graphics whores? I doubt it because I haven't seen you complain much about Demon's Souls.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2209d ago
it looks good, i guess....
Timesplitter14  +   2209d ago
It doesn't HAVE to look amazing graphically.

Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles are the proof
Gobot  +   2209d ago
back when the 360 had the "best" graphics no one cared about the gameplay, but all of a sudden graphics don't matter and its all about the gameplay? sure, gameplay makes the game, but that wasn't the case a year or two ago
Timesplitter14  +   2209d ago
Everyone awlays cared about the gameplay. People were just being butthurt
Myze  +   2209d ago

Halo and Demon's Souls (and many others) don't have to look amazing graphically to be great. Valkyria Chronicles didn't have to to be great either, but I think it did look amazing, especially in terms of artistic merit (best looking modern RPG in my opinion, right there with Tales of Vesperia...I like the style...FFXIII make take their place though).
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2209d ago
The lack of any sort of AA is my real concern...
This went from a day one buy to a "meh" rental
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
Bungie stated on their forum that Halo Reach would have anti-aliasing. I also read somewhere that it will indeed be 720p, but I can't seem to find that article now.
Gobot  +   2209d ago
well, at least they're trying in the graphics department


Erotic Sheep  +   2209d ago
Looks good. Seems like Bungie is going for it.
JANF  +   2209d ago
Indeed, the game is going to be epic.
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abombletap  +   2209d ago
meh...looks the same as every other Halo
darkequitus  +   2209d ago
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
Sure it does./s
EvilBlackCat  +   2209d ago
Of course is NOT impressive... its Halo right? on an Xbox 360 right Biased gamers?

But but wait a minute... Mass Effect 2 SUCK, Halo Reach SUCK, Alan Wake SUCK, Brink SUCK, Quantum Theory SUCK, BAD Company 2 SUCK, CoD Modern Warfare 2 SUCK... etc.

Why? Because you can play them on an Xbox360 that is why!

But but but the Universe of Killzone is damn good, rich and better than Halo right?
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Mooey1   2209d ago | Spam
Mooey1   2209d ago | Spam
ticklechamp  +   2209d ago
the graphics are fine.
plus it will look better in motion. all games do. if you have been a gamer for as long as i have, and played through the atari and nes days, every game game produced this gen looks good. i never was a multi-console owner. i pick one per gen and thats it. i don't have enough time to play games for 3 systems. ps3 this gen. gamers unite.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2209d ago
I don't wanna sound like a GFX whore but I have to say my peace :) Graphics are better every time I look. I think I'm just becoming accustomed to them. Vehicles look great, characters look good, lighting is fantastic, some of the structures look pretty darn good. Stone ground textures look nice. But it's the mountains and the grass that looks just god awful. Halo 3 was the same way, from a distance the ground looks like a blurred mess. Than you look down from the tip of your gun and they are all high res looking ground textures. But their not 3D models, their just pasted on a flat ground. It's a terrible look and something I wish would just die. I'd be ok with it if they threw in some rocks/plants etc SOMETHING to add depth instead of a flat ground that's made to look like grass. Maybe that only bugs me I dunno.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2209d ago
Maybe I'm wrong? If your going to disagree I'm a reasonable enough person and I can handle a rebuttle. At least dignify my post with a response. If you can't, than what are you disagreeing with? I never said Halo 3 looked bad, in fact I raved over Halo 3 and the artistic beauty Bungie created. It's just some of the ground textures I think are ugly and flat sometimes.
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el zorro  +   2209d ago
I wasn't the one that disagreed with you but I think you are a little off on the ground detail thing. When I look at the shots most of them show nice ground and environmental textures. Look at the ground texture ...that doesn't look bad to me. It actually looks better than a lot of games. Have you looked at the ground in MW2 or Resistance 2?
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2208d ago
Ya your right, I may be over exaggerating a little bit.
pixelsword  +   2208d ago
I've seen Resistance 2's ground and it looks really good; that's not a good comparison
Halo: Reach is going to be a great Day-one purchase game, HANDS DOWN so there's no need to tear-down other games to raise it up; especially when your assessment isn't entirely accurate.

Resistance 2 has multiple stages with abundant ground cover that's 3-D, not just a texture:

and even in the flat areas, they have things round:

(neither of these shots are from the final build, mind you).

I don't see why anyone has to bring PS3 games in to compare in the first place, but if you do, at least try to be objective.
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Arnon  +   2208d ago
The ground textures that are shown in Halo: Reach are placeholder textures. Not only were they put there to simply take the screenshots in the first place, but the screenshots themselves were taken before Thanksgiving of 2009. By the time this game releases, these shots will be close to a year old.
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gamer2010  +   2208d ago
@ pixelsword

If people are criticizing Halo Reach for incorrect reasons then I think there is nothing wrong with comparing it to other games.

The question is, what are you comparing it to? Even the Resistance 2 screen shots you linked to show that Halo Reach has very good ground textures by comparison. The first Resistance 2 screen shot didn't necessarily have a good ground texture, it simply had a lot of vegetation on the ground, the texture underneath the vegetation looked fairly low resolution. The second screen shot didn't show particularly impressive ground textures.

We also need to remember that we have only seen a few screen shots from one very small part of the game. We have no idea what kinds of variety of ground textures and vegetation we might see in the full game. It's easy to pick out the best looking ground textures from other games because we have the full games to draw from.

All we can say is that based on the small area of the game that we have seen the ground and environmental textures look very good. The screen shots show that they are easily on par with or better than the ground textures in many other shooters. And that is despite the fact that it has many months left of development time.
Xi  +   2209d ago
as long as there are video and screenshot features I'm sold.
but the inclusion of dynamic wet surfaces sound cool.
Another One  +   2209d ago
You know that stuff is in and I know it'll be even better than in Halo 3.

I just want to see it in motion when the time is right. Although, I don't want to see any gameplay vids until it looks damn near what the final game will look like.
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Xi  +   2209d ago
I just want bungie updates on the games progress, like they did for halo 3, halo 3 still looks great imo.
Another One  +   2209d ago
I'm sure we'll get the same kind of Vidocs we got with Halo 3 (I hope so at least)

And I'm one of the few that will openly agree with you about Halo 3. Very under appreciated in the graphics department.
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
Yeah Halo 3 is definitely under appreciated graphically.
likedamaster  +   2208d ago
After a little while Halo 3's graphics grew on me. The game stands the test of time, I'm telling you. People still go by the old Walmart asking for copies of the original Halo 3. "Oh you mean, Halo 3:ODST?", "No, just Halo 3."

Quite an under appreciated game graphically, in my opinion.
pixelsword  +   2208d ago
Halo 3 is only unerappreciated by those who just hate on the game
Bungie has steadily improved the Halo series. Even when the jump from 2 to 3 didn't have the "stellar" improvements the commercials had me to believe, the game made broader alterations in it's feel and scope that once again put the Halo franchise on the top. It's no secret why it's always in the top 10 of most played games on the 360 in terms of multiplayer. As good as Gears can be, Halo will always trump most, if not all, games out there. It's the first "complete" game and one of the few out there on any console... Great story, great single player, great multiplayer, now great co-op, and vehicles.

It doesn't get any better than that.
horndog  +   2209d ago
already looking better than Flopzone 2
i cant wait to see this running. 2010 easily belongs to REACH followed closely by ME2. ONLY ON XBOX 360.
tuglu_pati  +   2209d ago
Man i dont know but this graphics look super, specially the one with the first person view. And this is a 4-5 month old build.
Xi  +   2209d ago
it's a 4 month old build, of a game that's 70% complete.
u got owned  +   2209d ago
The pics are from a 4 -5 month old build but the game as of right now is at 70%, Urk said in the Forum, that the new build it's looking much better.
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peterdawa  +   2209d ago
halo reach tech
Ive read the scans and see a lot of excitement for the technical aspects of this game. However the improvements seem to be bungie catching up with what other developers have been using for some years now e.g motion capture. So far it doesnt seem like the title will be leading other games in terms of technical performance.
peterdawa  +   2209d ago
i got some disagrees,interested in the persons opinion as to why they disagree.
Xi  +   2209d ago

read the first paper, it's the new atmospheric lighting algorithms they're implementing for halo reach. (full reigh and mie scattering); it features full continuous tod, weather effects, space to land transitions, and a full range of atmospheres. It was presented at gdc [09], where a lot of other leading technical papers are presented. (including killzone 2's deferred shading and several by crytek)

Halo reach also features up to 40 smart ai, and 20 vehicles in a screen at once.

Parallax interior mapping (as seen in halo odst). ( )

up to 40 dynamic lights. (this was a praised feature of killzone 2 wasn't it?)

the new imposter system which greatly enhances the lod in a level.

variable gait blending

full screen shader effects (such as ODST's visor mode and for better Post Processing like motion blur)

large, sandbox type maps, including the sky, which is now a full space as opposed to just painted dome.

throw in screen shots, user movies, split-screen co-op and multiplayer, level editor, etc.

new explosions and effects.


People didn't respond because you just made a bogus claim, pointing to one specific feature that bungie is just now implementing ignoring the countless other ones that have kept bungie ahead in technical aspects, like their overall scale and scope, and lighting systems. When was the last time you saw MC talk? why waste money and resources on mo-cap if you never use it? These are also images of an old build, we don't even know what they've implemented into the game yet.

Also they hired image metrics to help with the facial mo-cap, it's not just simple mo-cap.
#22.2 (Edited 2209d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
peterdawa  +   2209d ago
Xi im still not seeing anything that puts bungie ahead of other developers from your post. Im also curious as to when bungie was ahead this generation. halo 3 was in no way an example of technical excellence. Personally i thought they were one of the best from a visual standpoint in the era of halo 1, now im questioning. It is known to happen in videogames that certain developers are not able to take their games to new consoles with the same success.look at soul reaver on ps1 and what they did with ps2 for example or the tomb raider series.
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
Peterdawa, you sound biased. Have you even played Halo 3?

I still haven't played another shooter that feels as open and dynamic as Halo 3. I also can't think of another shooter that looks as good as Halo 3 that has 4 player split screen co-op. It also has better textures than most other first person shooters like Killzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, Resistance 2, etc.

There are lots of things that Halo 3 has technically excelled in.
JANF  +   2209d ago
@ Peterdawa
"It is known to happen in videogames that certain developers are not able to take their games to new consoles with the same success"

Are you really questioning the success of Halo 3, more than 10 mil. copies sold and hundred of thousand players online everyday. I think success is not the word you should use there.
#22.5 (Edited 2209d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
peterdawa  +   2209d ago
SaberEdge I dint mean to sound biased. I think halo 3 is one of the top first person shooters this gen. I appreciate that it just may offer the most for any 1st person shooter and in the end it is fun. But im talking of the technical aspects of the game and wondering if people are expecting too much from bungie in terms of visuals. I personally dont think they are the best as some may say.
peterdawa  +   2209d ago
JANF your right.
strickers  +   2209d ago
I'm sorry but the old build stuff doesn't work well.The way Bungie have always shown games I've never seen much in the way of change from beta to final product.People have a right to criticise the graphics after the trailer and hype that followed ,with many claiming they had suddenly found hidden 360 power(despite its supposed ease to program and good tools)and that they can still rival PS3.The fact is that these screens basically prove what PS3 fans believe,that PS3 IS more powerful,and if it had looked as good as Killzone how 360 fans would have crowed.Halo
fans will love it,no doubt and non Halo fans won't(me)but I doubt it will bring many new fans in.It's true that graphics don't make a game.L4D2 is one of the best of the year and that looks quite outdated.However,FPS games are supposed to be the showcase titles for consoles especially exclusive ones(like Halo was on Xbox)
#23 (Edited 2209d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Megan Fox  +   2209d ago
You are really in denial, the old build stuff came right from Bungie, its not something the fanboys came up with.
Xi  +   2209d ago
well tbh, I haven't seen a ps3 game only capable on the ps3.
I remember when gears 2 was released even god of war creator david jaffe thought it was the best looking game of the year, even better then the original uncharted.

I've yet to truly look at a ps3 game and say, 'wow, this is only capable on my ps3'.

Same is to be said about my 360 collection.

I still think that Mirror's Edge is the most visually impressive game released this generation. (on consoles)
#23.2 (Edited 2209d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
That's just the thing, PS3 fans want to believe what they want to believe. Nothing is going to change that. I think Halo Reach looks amazing and is no doubt is in the same graphical ballpark as Killzone 2.

I agree with Xi that I have seen nothing on either console that made me think it couldn't be done on the other.
Michael-Jackson  +   2209d ago
Graphical letdown, this is what the 360 is capable of.
#24 (Edited 2209d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
It doesn't matter what is shown, you guys will always pretend to be letdown. It's silly.
jalen247  +   2209d ago
The armors have some good texture detail but Bungie really have to work on environmental detail and ground textures.
kingdavid  +   2209d ago
Id like to see some high res shots to judge them tbh.
u got owned  +   2209d ago
The game is not even in beta stage and you are complaining about placeholder textures.
SaberEdge  +   2209d ago
What? Look at the ground textures in the third shot are you saying you think those don't look good?

Compare them to the Killzone 2 ground textures in the top shot. They actually look better.
jalen247  +   2209d ago
I guess you haven't played Killzone 2. The Killzone 2 pic you use is dark and doesn't show the ground textures. How about one of these Killzone 2 pics to compare ground textures.

I own Killzone 2 as good as these pics look, they don't do the game proper justice.
Pistolero  +   2209d ago
I looked at that kz2 screenshot and you can see the ground texture just doesn't look as highly detailed....and I don't get why you are showing those other kz2 screenshots because even those do not really look better than the ground in the halo reach screenshots.
solidt12  +   2208d ago
Why all the pixel counters and texture critics. MS never said Halo Reach is the Technical master piece of the Xbox360. It should be a great fun shooter with great game play and Reach is the story people have been waiting for.
jalen247  +   2208d ago
I see I am wasting my breathe. I guess some people are satisfied with be it....
gamer2010  +   2208d ago
Mediocrity? Lol.

People prove you wrong and show you that the Halo Reach textures look better than the Killzone 2 textures and you just ignore it and call Halo Reach mediocre.

You said you can't see the ground texture in that top Killzone 2 screen shot, but the ground is plainly visible. I have played the game and I know for a fact that the ground slopes upward towards that block and tank that you see in the screen shot. The only reason you are trying to say that you can't see the ground in that screen shot is because you know that the ground textures in the Halo Reach shots look better than the ground textures in the Killzone 2 screen shot.
crazydrummerlad1  +   2209d ago
maybe its jus me
but in sum screens, the atmosphere gives me that whole demon's souls vibe. n i LOVE demon souls. thats pretty sick to b honest
begatron  +   2209d ago
This fekun rocks, and the graphics are amazin, im just it didnt takes 5-6 to make the game like kz2 did or that other ps3 game? Whats it called? Oh yeah gt5. Lol. 360 rules
Neo604  +   2209d ago
is that Halo 3?
I'll bet yall $60 there will be Reach ODST for $60.
starchild  +   2209d ago
It looks significantly better than Halo 3, but good try.
dustgavin  +   2208d ago
In case you didn't realize, it is using a a gutted Halo 3 engine. Maybe a few minor tweaks but mainly the same tired graphics.

"Halo: Reach will run on what Bungie says is a completely 'gutted' version of the Halo 3 engine. No area of its working has been left untweaked: "We are definitely bending the Xbox as far as it'll bend,"
gamer2010  +   2208d ago
It doesn't matter. Halo 3 was already a nice looking game and the engine has been so drastically overhauled that it is really a completely different engine. The results speak for themselves.
Xtremist  +   2209d ago
From what i 've seen and read so far...
...what i liked the most was the new Art Direction and stunning lighting, the open vistas "sandbox style", the unprecedentent number of enemies on screen and, last but not least, the interaction with the villagers (talk with them, use their vehicles etc) because it will make the Reach universe feel alot more organic and compelling.
DARK WITNESS  +   2209d ago
ya, it sounds to me like reach really will be the what i have always wanted since halo CE.
lucifon  +   2209d ago
Images down, bandwidth exceeded :( Hope he gets them back up soon, interested in seeing it!
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