Halo: Reach Edge Scans

Halo Report writes, "The latest issue of Edge magazine featured eight pages of Reach goodness and here's the scans if don't have the issue."

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Ninji2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Then again, the 360 is a last gen console.

7ero H3LL2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

those shot's are from before thanksgiving.

and the trailer that was first shown wasn't, so what does that mean?
it means the trailer is newer.

Shadow Man2955d ago

"this stage in development a lot of it is computer generated. Nothing in game is finish"

"the level of scattered detail is higher than Halo3's"

JasonPC360PS3Wii2955d ago

PS3 has and will never have a game this big.

SaberEdge2954d ago

I think it looks incredible. It seems a lot of the detail is lost on some people.

I mean honestly, which one do you think looks better?

I think the bottom two look better.

iDystopia2954d ago

LOL @ last place, defeated Droids who try to pretend PlayStation is still popular

LoL poor sore loser Droids will be so pwned at E3

CernaML2954d ago

Everybody seems to be forgetting about Gran Turismo 5.

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002955d ago

like the art style.

talltony2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Not really, but it looks good. Halo is about gameplay anyways. Who has ever bought halo for its graphics. Still this is what halo 3 should have looked like. I like the more realistic aproach. But i want to see better scans of gameplay. No one really knows what it will look like exactly.

2955d ago
NewZealander2955d ago

the game is only 70% complete, so lets just wait for the full game before crying doom and gloom about graphics, im sure it will shape up really well, just look at how far god of war has come along since the demo, its looking amazeing, and im sure halo reach will too.

u got owned2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Looking awesome and this is an old build, cant wait to see the new build.

Megan Fox2955d ago

This game is looking amazing, look at the level of detail in the 1st person view screenshot.
if is true that this is and 4-5 month old build, i can imagine how this game will look like when is done.

SaberEdge2954d ago

Yeah I like the particular look this game has. It looks really amazing.

starchild2954d ago

You shouldn't be so quick to judge. Scans can make games look worse than they are. Do you remember some of the scans of Killzone 2 we got? Some of those didn't look that good. Remember this:

Or this:

Compare those to the Halo Reach scans and I would say Halo Reach looks a lot better.

vhero2954d ago

Images are dead on the link unfortunately. Either way they probably won't be final as it's still too early in the games development to get anything near final graphics.


Get out of here! Leave!!
We dnt need you BS about Halo this Halo that!
Your proving yourself a hater!!

Like i said, go look at some of your 2080p vids of Unfarted 2 or GOW3! "Just dont get to horny about it"

Like my grandpa once said, haters always hate on the King!!

talltony2954d ago

Which is why I said "No one really knows what it will look like exactly" But from what we have all seen no one should be impressed, thats all I am saying. We just need some freakin gameplay already.

MNicholas2954d ago

It looks not better or worse than one could reasonably expect.

It's running on hardware that was maxed out years ago. It's foolish to continue hoping for miracles.

Traveler2954d ago

Neither console is maxed out. Naughty Dog said Uncharted 2 used the PS3 100% but that doesn't meant that they can't make improvements to how the software uses the hardware. The same can be said for the 360. We will surely see better looking games on both consoles.

MNicholas2953d ago

the PS3 (Uncharted 2, Killzone 2) and 360 (lots of games) are both maxed out already.

The difference is that, unlike the 360's CPU, the Cell benefits tremendously from a little bit of optimization. This means that, unlike the 360's CPU, the Cell has a lot of head-room left while the 360 does not.

Uncharted 1 looks better than any game on the 360 (and until Killzone 2) any game on the PS3 and barely touched the Cell. Goal for the sequel: Develop a system to use all the SPUs all the time.

Uncharted 2 looks better than any other game, even on PS3, and uses all the SPUs on the Cell processor. Goal for the sequel: Now that we have a good system in place to utilize all the SPUs, let's refine the code so that it's more efficient in how it uses the SPUs.

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TrevorPhillips2955d ago

game is great looking forward to it


lordkemp0072955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

If UC2 was a graphical Eva Mendes, then this is more Rosie O'Donnell.

2955d ago
SaberEdge2954d ago

More like Jessica Alba.