Media Create hardware sales (1/11 - 1/17)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan (official Media Create data).

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Valay3224d ago

All things considered, the estimates posted last night were quite accurate.

thereapersson3224d ago

Slow gaming month in January is the likely culprit

Saaking3224d ago

PS2 and 360 still battling it out. lol.

badz1493224d ago

we would of think that Sony will cut the price for it by now! it's selling lesser than the PS2 for god sake!

Guido3223d ago

It's January dude... This trend is what takes place year after year. With no holidays in sight, the sales always drop in January.

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djtek1843224d ago

PSP – 71,186
Wii – 57,349
PS3 – 35,156
DSi LL – 30,418
DSi – 27,292
DS Lite – 6,574
Xbox 360 – 4,622
PS2 – 2,580
PSP go – 2,027

lordkemp0073224d ago

The flopbox is an embarrassment in the land of the rising sun.

Well at least it won the battle of the dvd players.

dustgavin3224d ago

The 360 did not even win that battle because PS2 was first to the punch. Sad sales for a sad, outdated console.

Ultraplayerxd3224d ago

you mean the one where PS3 outsold the 360?

Parapraxis3224d ago

PSP is doing really well outsold the DS 2 weeks straight... almost baffling.

rambi803224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

kingdom hearts probably - its actually outselling the zelda for the DS if i'm not mistaken

Marceles3224d ago

I wish PSP was doing that well here too, maybe we would get more support. I love my PSPgo but it's crying for more content right now

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