Game Revolution: Alan Wake Preview

GR writes: "I'm not entirely sure what some of my favorite movies and video games are trying to tell me about choosing professional writing as a career, but the news certainly doesn't seem very encouraging. Jack Torrance tries to do the responsible thing and take a productivity-friendly winter job... and ends up going all Borden-tastic on his co-workers and family; Sutter Cane wants to add another summer best-seller to his oeuvre, and instead ends up tearing big, Lovecraft-shaped holes in reality; Harry Mason gets run through the Silent Hill ringer not once but twice; Mike Enslin has the world-record Worst One-Night Hotel Stay of All Time; Barton Fink can't bang out a simple wrestling-flick script without all Hell-ywood breaking loose around him; and pretty soon we'll have Alan Wake, a formerly best-selling horror author who gets living nightmares from books he can't even remember writing."

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