IGN:No More Heroes 2 Video Review

IGN:No More Heroes 2 Video Review

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GFahim3189d ago

this is actually the real GOTY of 2010. got so much style

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Xandet3189d ago

Wrong, wrong, wrong Mr. Gobot. I never did understand the whole concept of trolling for disagrees. Idiocy aside, the game could get a 3.5 and I'd still buy it day-one. NMH was the game that finally gave me the unique, mature experience I was craving to play on Wii since I got the damn thing. I can't friggin' wait for the second, and it comes out next week!

deadreckoning6663189d ago

Awesome. I'll buy this when it comes out for the PS3. I can't wait ta use the Wands with this game =D

Gobot3189d ago

I forgot to add that i'm going to pick this game up when the price is the same as MadWorld, 14 bucks used. the hell with buying trash like this

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THE MAX SPEED 213189d ago

this needs an ANIME soon.
this needs PVC action figures SOON.

idiealot3189d ago

I wrote grasshopper a few months back telling them how much I would love action figures of Travis touchdown!!

3189d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.