Which MAG Faction Wants You Most?

MAG hits store shelves in less than five days, and right about now, you might be wondering which of the game's three factions you're best suited for…
P.R.O. will figure it out for you.
Located at, the world's best "Private Recruitment Operation" is an awesome new conscription service that analyzes your battlefield decision making, personal philosophy, and other important soldiering attributes to determine which PMC (Raven, S.V.E.R., or Valor) you were born to serve.
Think you have what it takes to join Valor, S.V.E.R., or Raven? Want to recruit your friends to join you in your mission to be the best PMC out there? All that and more is at your fingertips when you head on over to – check it out!

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Droid Smasha3250d ago

the beta showed everyone this is a FLOP

360hasnogamesfor20103251d ago

valor, cuz i gonna shoot with sniper in one bot..

mastiffchild3250d ago

Indeed, it almost feels like cheating going with opne of the others when we have to use rifles made of wood, cheee and cottonbuds! The dossers will inherit the Earth!SVER!

'Sides, I wanna wear my hoodie when I go to war-don't waste time getting changed liike the other softies!Women!

unrealgamer583251d ago

the only good valor/sver soldier is a dead one

Chubear3250d ago

Valor cause.. oh, you know why :)

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