BioWare Wants to Talk to You

Do you have any questions about BioWare's anticipated Mass Effect 2? Of course you do. Well, here's your chance to talk directly to the developer. Producer Jesse Houston will be responding to inquiries on Facebook through Direct2Drive's Vivox Voice Chat channel. It's all going down at 2 PM PST on Friday, January 22.

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JD_Shadow3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

...when the console versions of DA:O have several game breaking bugs that Bioware have yet to even ADDRESS ANYWHERE?

Maybe before they talk about ME2, they talk to us about when a console patch for DA:O is coming, if it hasn't come already?

@dchalfont below: Maybe during THIS thing, someone should bring up the DA:O issues. I doubt there'll be much of an answer, but at least it would be asked and out there.

That is, unless there's an NDA for it (which there seems to be too many of for too many things these days).

Nihilism3222d ago

Dude, your talking about the company that coerced people into buying DLC so they could have item storage in the game...

I doubt you'll see many patches

Mr Pumblechook3222d ago

Should I get the Xbox 360 edition of Mass Effect 2 or should I wait until Fall for the PS3 Blu-ray compilation?

Will the PS3 Blu-ray of Mass Effect 1&2 come with any bonus content that has not been available before?


Allowen3222d ago

I payed 65 dolars for the digital deluxe version of DAo and it came with all DLCs included. Well, Return to Ostagar and Awakening I wil have to pay for then.

The point is, $65 for the PC version you get all dlcs+ extras and a better version of the game.
the Xbox360 DAo cost 60 dolars and comes with no extra dlc,NOTHING.

to play games on video games= expensive .

See Bioshock2 on Steam, you can buy it for 45 dolars and still get Bioshock for FREE !~The same game for the PS3/xbox360 will cost bettewn 50-60 dolars and will come without any extra.

7ero H3LL3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Bioshock1's DLC is free on 360, as will mass effect2's.
achievements is one thing PC doesn't get, a factor that adds to a lot game's replay value.

Nihilism3222d ago

Maybe if you have A.D.D and need to be given an incentive to continue playing, but achievement don't mean anything, if you honestly replay a game for trophy reasons, then you are a sad individual, the gameplay should be incentive enough, if it isn't, then throw the game away because you're doing it wrong.

camachoreloaded88063222d ago

Nothing wrong with playing a game again to get them. Makes me try things I would never do in the first place. Doubt anyone would have wanted to beat 'Mile High Club' on Veteran difficulty just for the hell of it.

duplissi3222d ago

i only have 2 reasons i must play mass effect 2

1. its from bioware, every single game ive played from them is freakin awesome... with the minor dragon age problems being the only niggles

2. its mass effect! i loved the first one alot..

bioware is one of my favorite devs, right next to insomniac, naughty dog, kojima, criterion, and dice, lionhead comes close but not quite- too many unfulfilled promises.

LazyRobot3222d ago

The first one was amazing, I agree that Bioware can do no wrong

...except maybe Sonic Chronicles *cough*