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The Maxx3224d ago

It's about time. This should have been added with the first DLC.

dgroundwater3224d ago

Yeah I was taking about this with a friend. "If they don't increase the level cap on the next DLC, it will cease to be relevant." But they are going to so yay! I hope this means more skills too.

yepitsme3224d ago

I like how they are listening to what the fans want and actually giving it to them. Kind of nice for a change.

Nihilism3224d ago

'listening to the fans' no their not, can't you see whats happening, they will increase the level cap in increments to get people to buy each DLC ala WoW. They should have had one in the first DLC.

Miiiiiiiiiiiilk it.

djfullshred3224d ago

Milking or not, it is pretty smart thing to do. The idea is to sell product of course. I will but it too, because this game is addictive.

BRG90003224d ago

What exactly is your point? The other things they can do are:

-Release DLC without level cap increases.
-Raise the level cap without adding content.
-Not release DLC or raise the level cap.

Are any of those better?

hagla3224d ago

Just when i thought it was time to put this game down for good, this comes along... I'm addicted!

BRG90003224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Oops double.

quantumriian3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Yeah but what is the increase to? "50+ level baddies" could mean level 55 or level 100. I would like to see more than a 10 level increase, perhaps to make up for the lack of increase in past DLC (which I admittedly have not played yet, although a cap increase would certainly have been an incentive to get them sooner).

madjedi3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

If this is for online only i'll pass, while they are at it, they can fix the infuriating randomness of the weapon generations. I don't want a modded smg with 450x5 damage 100 acc and a 20.0 rof, but it would be nice if most of my lvl 48 guns were actually stronger than some of my lvl 30-35 guns.

I spent an hour farming new haven in playthrough 2.5 found a couple of decent weapons/mods but most of it is garbage to me. I can kill enemies easily, but where are the legitimate uber or high end guns and mods. And the only unique weapons i found that are worth a damn is the defiler and the hellfire smg, ammo regen shouldn't be an issue for non heavy gunners.

I wish they would patch it on p2.5 so you could create lvl 48 custom guns albeit still following the parts rule set ie up to the max damage, acc, rof of each respective class, and have it cost 10 or 20 million per gun, money is basically worthless to lvl 50's anyway. You could disable them for duels if need be.

Pillage053224d ago

That kind of ruins the point of looting doesn't it madjedi

madjedi3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

@5.2 maybe but after using the same combat rifle from late pt1- early pt2 to end game, and 99.9% of weapons and gear you get is worse than what you already have gets extremely tedious.

At the end of pt2 getting loot becomes almost pointless, because what you already have, is usually better than the loot you pick up.

I really don't play it online, maybe the loot is alot better there, but for sp, most loot is worthless a couple hrs into pt 2 and a half.

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