Rockstar promises big things to PS3 owners in 2010

PS Uni writes "Are you one of the many PlayStation 3 owners that are a little disappointed that you couldn't play the episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV? Don't worry. Rockstar understands your frustration and apparently they have big things in store for PS3 owners in 2010."

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Erotic Sheep3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Something involving Agent maybe? Please dont announce exclusive GTA4 DLC for the PS3 lol >.>

DavePSU3226d ago

For some reason, I'm really thinking they may announce episodic content for PS3. Considering how poorly the GTA IV DLC sold for 360 (compared to expectations), it would only make sense to try and further the revenue of that content or similar content.

himdeel3226d ago

...focus on Agent and new stuff. Thanks!!

swiftshot933226d ago

Its obviously Agent. Also, we finally get to see LA Noir next motnh, sweet.

DavePSU3226d ago

Maybe Agent will come with something sweet, like an amazing C.E.

Wouldn't hurt to get some exclusive LA Noire content as well.

Saaking3226d ago

I'm really excited about their PS3 exclusive. They'll be able to go all out this time. Fulfill their vision with MUCH less limitations. It's gonna be awesome.

Lifendz3226d ago

you can keep that GTA4 DLC. Agent news of GTA5 exclusivity is all I want to hear about.

baum3226d ago

They will make Bully 2 exclusive to 360, make the L.A. Noire version of PS3 inferior, delay Agent to 2011 and port it to 360 (but that would be like porting Gears to PS3 though)

presto7173226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Call me when you deliver.

Dev8 ing3226d ago

I have no interest in another Bully title.

Halo3 MLG Pro3226d ago

Where do you get the idea that the episodic content has sold poorly? Lost and the Damned sold over a million and Episodes from Liberty City is also around a million sales. So both content has reached around 2 million sales. Sure expectations were high but that's with most products. So according to you, would you agree that Killzone 2's expectations were extremely high and sold extremely poor?

Microsoft spent 50 million for this. 3 things you have to consider. 1. The profits it made from the content. 2 million sales is a lot for DLC. 2. Many ps3/360 owners chose the 360 version for the extra content. 3. Many ps3 owners that love GTA4 bought a 360 just for this. My roommate who used to only own a ps3 bought a 360 because he's a huge fan. And now he owns a big library of 360 games. GTA is a HUGE franchise and the extra content has clearly been a great idea for Microsoft.

Government Cheese3226d ago

The DLC didn't do poorly. Microsoft paid $50m for it, and made $40m back from TLAD alone. Not sure how much TBOGT sold, or EFLC, but I guarantee it was more than $10m. The fact is, MS wasn't out to make a profit on the DLC, they just wanted more people to buy the 360 version of GTA4, since GTA games have been affiliated much more the the PlayStation brand thanks to the PS2 and PSP.

GVON3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

double post

GVON3226d ago

After confirmation of Agent at last years E3,the stinks of a full reveal at this years E3.Rumours are Sony and R* north have had this bubbling in development for a good fours years now.
I'd love it if it was like body harvest were you went in different countries and stuff.

DavePSU3226d ago

@Halo/Government Cheese.


Take Two was disappointed with how the Episodic content sold on an overall level at retail.

Jamegohanssj53226d ago

The only thing I want from rockstar is a GTA collection. Well actually I just want Vice City with upscaled graphics, trophies, and the ability to add more 80's music in. If they give me that then I wouldn't care aboot any other game until next generation when I expect them to upscale the graphics again >>.


xenogamer3226d ago

payed attention to what dave said they would have noticed he said COMPARED TO THEIR EXPECTATION, and we all read that article about take2 saying they were dissapointed with the sales... so really MLG whats your fvcking point? the guy was right... We get it dude you love Microsoft, damn.

baum3225d ago

I am more interested in Bully 2 than in a modern setting GTA. I would also like to see an open world futuristic/sci-fi game or a fantasy game. Or hell, an open world game set in WW2 or the industrial revolution.

Halo3 MLG Pro3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

What's my point? Reread my original comment. Read it a lil slower since you missed it the first time.

Dave, Well retail might of been lower than expected but that doesn't include downloads which this content is. I know lots of people that got the content through Xbox Live. I don't know anybody that actually bought it at the store.

morganfell3225d ago

Rockstar will be happy to stretch their legs on hardware that really lets them go to work creatively. This should be great.

Greywulf3225d ago

PS3 exclusive Sandbox game that Rockstar puts their time into, that isn't restricted by a DVD.

Heres what I don't want to see:


bjornbear3225d ago

You know! I probably had great timing =D

Got GTA IV on Platinum, so cheaper, very recently!

Still playing through it, and I love it. OK its no Vice City or San Andreas but its unique in its own, "realistic"(boring) sort of way.

If they release DLC, I'm in no prob =) I can understand people who played this a whole year ago and got bored, but in my situation, ITS AWESOME =D

If not! Well, anything from Rockstar would be great =)

@ whiny people

chill out, didn't your teachers and parents ever show you how to share? =P

DaTruth3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Not one of the ones disappointed about not getting the GTA4 DLC; Just disappointed because I know GTA4 Vice City would be out now if it weren't for this!

None the less I would like big things still and they better have something great for us to miss out on that!

Troll_Police3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Let me explain something to you kids. The GTA DLC sold for $20. M$ DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT get every penny of every sale. Rockstar gets the biggest cut of that money. Do you think Rockstar signed away all of the profit to M$ for that $50 million pay off? You 2 don't know anything about business. M$ never made their money back from that deal.

Halo3 MLG Pro3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Reread my original comment very sloooooowly. Read my 3 points especially my third point. Might be to hard for you to understand since you still have on your "OMFG I love Sony" underwear on.

Official General3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

After the disappointing GTA 4 affair, all I want is another GTA title based on a modern-day Vice City and Florida state, with all the best features missing from the previous GTA titles included, newer features and additions, better more varied gameplay and side missions/activites, an excellent storyline and better music. If you really wanna get back in us PS3 owners good books, then a great idea would be to make this new GTA Vice City title exclusive to the PS3 and use the full power of it's Cell and Blu-Ray technology to push the game to it's maximum limits. I wanna see a GTA title that can be praised for it's quality, equal to the same way we praised the totally supreme Uncharted 2.

Agent would be interesting to look at, but Rockstar really need to redeem themselves with another GTA title that actually meets its great expectations turns out to be a classic and excellent game, after that big letdown called GTA 4.

@Arnon - welcome to the PS3 it certainly is the best console of this gen right now. I had mine since October 2007, a 60gb with b/c. Uncharted 2 - the best game I've played this gen so far and the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game - ever!

@ Halo3 MLG Pro - Any game that sells a million or two is generally considered a relative commercial success. BUT according to you and your fellow 360 fanatics 1 or 2 million sales of a console game is a flop, conveniently when it's on the PS3, and don't lie because I've seen all you 360 guy's posts on here. Now you are talking about the 360 here and now all of a sudden, 1-2 million copies of GTA 4 DLC sold is a success? You 360 fanatics are giant hypocrites man, BIG TIME! Ok you seem to think PS3 fans are the ONLY ones who say GTA 4 is crap because we never got any DLC for our console. Nice try, but dont be silly, dont. I'm a BIG GTA fan and I followed GTA news with precision and consistency on here - and I can tell you with 100 per cent confidence, from what I saw on here that BOTH PS3 and 360 owners felt letdown and disappointed by GTA 4. The two DLC exclusive episodes on the 360 still will not change the hard fact that GTA 4 failed to live up to it's expectations, and opinion shared by both PS3 and 360 owners.

@ Government cheese - I think the GTA 4 exclusive DLC didnt sell as well as Microsoft wanted it to. I'm sure they would still be making a lot of noise about it up until now if they did. MS have not even bothered to release their sales figures for GTA 4 DLC and it's been a while since the two-part episodic content has been released. And in an earlier article towards the end of last year on this site, the publishers of GTA games Take-Two themselves clearly stated that they and MS mis-judged the market and failed to sell massive amounts of GTA 4 DLC copies for the 360 as they had expected. In other words, it failed to meet it's target. Check it for yourself, it's there. MS failed on another front aswell - GTA 4 sold the same amount of copies on the PS3 and the 360, you can check that out too.

Christopher3225d ago

Sounds like they won't leave PS3 in the dust with Red Dead Redemption DLC. At least that's what I'd guess at for a safe bet. Doubt it means much else than that.

jack_burt0n3225d ago

Gta collection and agent gameplay @ e3

AKNAA3225d ago

"All we can say is that we at Rockstar promise to be very good to you with our releases in 2010. Please stay with us and stay tuned!”

I'm actually excited to see what they got to show for now!
I just hope they don't pull a Squeenix on us!

jwatt3225d ago

Maybe some Red Dead redemption DLC, that game looks pretty good but really I want to see whats up with the Agent.

Troll_Police3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

"1. The profits it made from the content. 2 million sales is a lot for DLC. 2. Many ps3/360 owners chose the 360 version for the extra content. 3. Many ps3 owners that love GTA4 bought a 360 just for this"

So there's your points huh?

1. What profits? Rockstar is getting most of that money. The total sales don't even add up to the $50 million M$ paid and like I said Rockstar gets most of that. Failed.

2. GTA4 sold the same on both consoles even though the Xbox has the DLC. Failed.

3. Proof? Your friend is not "many people". Failed.

Put down the M$ Kool-Aid for a second and you will understand this.

For Great Justice3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I am writing on behalf of myself and a few of my peers to state that the screeching from Halo3 MLG Pro's garrulous little empire reaches an ear-splitting pitch each time I mention that the most troubling aspect of Halo3 MLG Pro's personality is his intolerance of dissent. But before I continue, allow me to explain that illiterate schnorrers commonly succumb to Halo3 MLG Pro's distortions, deceptions, and delusions. I do not. Rather, I take pride in complaining about short-sighted enemies of the gamer. Halo3 MLG Pro's jackals have repeatedly been caught destroying our civil discussions. I had expected better from him and his vaunted claque, but then again, Halo3 MLG Pro's perversions are an icon for the deterioration of N4G, for its slow slide into trolling, complaining, and fanboyism.

Halo3 MLG Pro seems to assume that merit is adequately measured by his methods and qualifications. This is an assumption of the worst kind because I wonder what would happen if he really did reap a harvest of truth. There's a spooky thought. I must emphasize this because you should never forget the three most important facets of his mind games, namely their effete origins, their internal contradictions, and their tendentious nature. From this perspective, Halo3 MLG Pro's claim that cultural tradition has never contributed a single thing to the advancement of knowledge or understanding is not only an attack on the concept of objectivity but an assault on the human mind. What he is doing falls just short of giving handguns to schoolchildren. I submit that everyone should stop and mull that assertion. Then, you'll understand why the first thing we need to do is to get him to admit that he has a problem. He should be counseled to recite the following:

* I, Halo3 MLG Pro, am an eccentric, detestable showboater.
* I have been a participant in a giant scheme to arouse the hostility and excite the cupidity of the most nefarious utopians you'll ever see.
* I hereby admit my addiction to Microsoft. I ask for the strength and wisdom to fight this addiction.

Once Halo3 MLG Pro realizes that he has a problem, maybe then he'll see that his musings are not witty satire, as he would have you believe. They're simply the termagant ramblings of someone who has no idea or appreciation of what he's mocking. I hope I haven't bored you by writing an entire post about Halo3 MLG Pro. My calling is to open users' eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to the website around them. And just let him try and stop me! In closing, please remember that my ultimate goal is to fight to the end for our ideas and ideals. If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me!

SnuggleBandit3225d ago

^^^hey man, will you write my next english essay!? pretty please :)

WildArmed3225d ago

I'm expecting a port of the Episodic DLC.
Since I dont expect Agent to hit till early '11..
It'd be a good surprised if it hits fall '10

Rumor3225d ago

he says "releases"
hmm... gtav & agent??

ThanatosDMC3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I hope graphically it'll be better looking than PC's GTA4. The GTA4 on the PS3 was blurry and low res.

vhero3225d ago

No doubt we wont here crap till E3 though.

starvinbull3225d ago

GTA4 DCL = sloppy seconds.

mastiffchild3225d ago

Why does everyone choose to forgt that the deal is for THREE R* Sony exclusives and Agent is just the first fruits of that?It wasn't a secret at all and was one of the things put in place when MS wanted GTA to go multi I believe.

I guess the GTA DLC would very much depend on whether there were a LOT of extras put on the same disc as the two episodes wouldn't it?Otherwise they'll have to sell it so cheap that it wouldn't be worth porting over! And besides it would possibly be competing with RDR AND LANoire AND possibly Agent this year! Doesn't make any sense o this dogboy anyway.

Anyway, I'm imagining we'll hear what the SECOND of the three games will be at the end of the release date announcement for Agent come E3!

NewZealander3225d ago

what is agent? like is there any trailers cos i cant find anything, sounds interesting from the little information ive seen but i want to know more since everyone keeps going on about it.

Guido3225d ago

No, I wasn't. What I was disappointed in was GTAIV itself. Sorry, but after that game, R* is not on my list of top devs.

DigitalAnalog3225d ago

After reading your paragraph, I believe that I felt a temporary increase in IQ.

-End statement

DaTruth3225d ago

Flashback... Matrix Reloaded... Architect...

Commander TK3225d ago

Don't make LA Noire multiplat!

bnaked3225d ago

"Grand Theft Auto: Agent"

gameraxis3225d ago

your telling people to read your original comment, but did you read Dave's response to your so called justification? you are wrong my friend... and you cant compare this to killzone, because microsoft sells big, so when a game they hype doesn't do halo numbers, its different, their expectations are higher than sony's, and any one IP has a better chance to sell more on the 360 given the past, so its all there strait from the horses mouth, a disappointment.

i know you were trying to be clever and bring in the sony sales, but we all know sony sales are lower than microsofts when it comes to their games (for the most part) so now what? that doesnt change the fact that the dlc did disappointing sales... try being a little less narrow minded next time

DaddyPoppa3225d ago

please be a bully sequel , ill do anything for a bully sequel, ill give up heavy rain and gow3 just to know bully 2 is in the works on any system, ( I only have a ps3)

lve2playbball3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )


Does everything you say have to refer to the 'superiority' of the PS3? Everybody knows the PS3 has superior capabilities b/c of its why do you have to point that out in EVERY COMMENT YOU MAKE? If you're not pointing to that you are talking about the "lack of exclusives" or the "lack of quality games" on the 360. Such a tool.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

as I didnt buy any GTA DLC for my 360, and wouldnt on ps3 either. I want to hear about agent, but I dont think it will come out this year. You never know as we havent heard much about it or any games coming out later this year, so I guess it could be possible.

Pleas R* let it be AGENT.

DavePSU3226d ago

Good possibility that it's Agent.

Saaking3226d ago

Good thing MS funded the development of a Superior PS3 TRUE exclusive.

Shadow Man3226d ago

Yes because it didn't cost R* any money to hire the voice actors and the graphic developers. It was all free of charge.

Aquarius3226d ago

They also funded FFXIII Versus which is exclusive to PS3 =P

I don't know about you but I never remembered playing a FF game like 13.
Linear for how many hours again?
...and yes I know that's how RPGS begin ( got to set the story )
but a straight line map? WTF
plus no towns and NPC interaction?


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LarVanian3226d ago

So can we expect Agent this fall?
I am dying to see this game in action.

nskinnear3226d ago

It's slated for a 2010 release...

Hopefully we get a full reveal of the game soon.

nskinnear3226d ago

Yup, that's what I'm betting on. Although, GDC wouldn't be a bad place to show something new :)

BYE3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Really, this year?

I wasn't expecting it so soon, would be awesome though.

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poeo3226d ago

bring it on Rockstar, im ready to be blown away. whatever it is.

i like GTAIV though, so i'd be glad just to get the expansions. but Agent is of course the big one.