IGN: Uncharted 2's New DLC First Look

In Japan (and presumably the rest of the world too), Uncharted 2 will see a downloadable content pack on January 28th consisting of character skins for Nathan Hale (Resistance 2), Chimera (Resistance 2), Jack (Infamous), Good Cole (Infamous), Evil Cole (Infamous), Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko (Killzone 2) and a Helghast Soldier (Killzone 2). Sony provided some first images of these.

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davekaos3226d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Although them images do look like they have been photoshop'd
i would love 2 play with these skins

That sounded slighly wrong, i would love 2 play the game with these character skins

Rumor3225d ago

i love how sony and nintendo arent afraid to mash together characters and give consumers great stuff like this(ie. super smash bros. series, lbp, u2, ragdolls kungfu).


bjornbear3225d ago

since most promotional / advertising images have to be.

These are promoting the new DLC, so they've been through photoshop I'm sure, and thats probably why they look "iffy".

Still, its real, and its awesome! =D

goflyakite3225d ago

So awesome! ND is the best.

Giant_Chibi3225d ago


As far as I know, microsoft has technically done two mash-ups with halo and doa. Doa 4 had a female spartan as an extra character and halo 3 had the ryu hayabusa costume.

sikbeta3225d ago

Amazing, I want to Blast everything With Cole and a AK-47...

badz1493225d ago

guns blown out if he touches them right? so...being in UC2, he is now needed to hold a gun! hmm...

ABizzel13225d ago

OMG this is true effing fan service.

Rumor3225d ago

okay thanx for the input. :)

see how we handled that like gamers instead of blind butt-hurt fanboys?? everything works out man.....everything works out

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Anorexorcist3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Throw Kratos into the mix and THEN You would have the most bada$$, most A$$-kickingness, most Chaos-creatingness DLC skin pack ever!!!

sikbeta3225d ago

Amazing, KRATOS with the "Shotguns of Chaos" = EPIC WIN

TehCell3225d ago

More people need to play the co-op.
I always quit the game if its just me and another guy.
There needs to be 3. Always.

LordMarius3225d ago

if you aren't just trolling then add me, I am always doing co-op

himdeel3225d ago

...add me I'll co-op with you. I prefer it to competitive although I do enjoy competitive.

ToastyMcNibbles3225d ago

while you're at it you can add me as well lol i would love to play co-op more but people do tend to leave early or they just suck and don't communicate

bjornbear3225d ago


then we co-op, and when you're fighting off some henchmen, i'll throw you a granade, and blow you the hell up =D


Myst3225d ago

Actually tehcell. I've played with just another person and myself before and we were able to win. To be honest that was the best feeling I've ever had because that person knew what they were doing and I knew what I was doing.

Of course at times it got hard and we got down to the "Last chance" but we were able to beat it. I think I ended up adding the person in the end, because s/he was just that good. We did this twice to. Though it wasn't gold rush maybe that's why we were able to beat it.

4pocalyps33225d ago

add me. i usually play co op. but end up getting joined with xmas noobs ¬_¬

weazel3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Yup- If you're stuck, add me too. Always happy to go a few rounds of dm / co-op.

TehCell3225d ago

Thanks guys, ill add all of you next time i fire up UC2.

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Hanif-8763225d ago

I can't Fuucking wait...OMG, Uncharted 2 is the best EVER!!!

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