iPhone App Saves Man's Life In Haiti

iBlast: "An American filmmaker found himself in the massive earthquake in Haiti. Injured and needing to stay alive, Dan Woolley used his iPhone to keep himself alive long enough to be rescued some 65 hours later. "

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Dellis3224d ago

Steve Jobs needs to give a donation of 10 MILLION DOLLARS

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

considering if he was gunna use a tourniquet to stop a bleeding head wound he'd have have to tie it around his neck to stop the blood lol. u dont uses an fin tourniquet to stop a bleeding head wound its called direct pressure. tourniquet are used on limbs when direct pressure fails, and pressure points fail. and u have to take them off every 45 mins if theres anything distal cuz itll die from lack of blood to the tissue. how bout take a 10 day first aid course, obviously that app doesnt even know what a tourniquet is and like to know how an iphones battery lasted 65 hours straight and who's to say it was fully charged when he was caught in the earthquake........ my lg voyager barely lasts a day lol

ryhanon3224d ago

Uhm... did you even *read* the story? I know it's dreadfully long and full of, you know, words... so lemme just point out the important bit that renders your comment meaningless:

"And thanks to the iPhone first-aid app he’d downloaded, he knew how to fashion a bandage and tourniquet for his leg and to stop the bleeding from his head wound."

Two injuries. His leg (tourniquet) and his head.

This message brought to you by Reading Rainbow.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893224d ago

but i was lazy and i thought for sure i just seen head..ohhh welll he still couldve used his femoral pressure point plus direct pressure. to allow the blood to clot and stop bleeding tourniquets are for desperate measures cuz it can cut all the blood off to anything below caught my laziness i did read but only once and i guess not very thoroghly it doesnt matter the guys still a liar iphone will not last 65 hrs. prob wouldnt even last that long turned off lol.....

Fatal Blow3224d ago

His a soldier for staying alive after 65 hours

damn gonna get my self this app

dragunrising3224d ago

I'd like to know how his phone had juice for 65 hours...

My guess is that he downloaded the app first and turned his phone on sparingly. Otherwise, there is no way. Glad he made it out alive.

Carl14123224d ago

He needed an app to know how to tie something around a wound?

reaferfore203224d ago

I'm amazed the battery lasted long enough for the alarm to go off every 20 minutes...

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893224d ago

this guys trying to get free stuff from apple or something for good publicity or his a compulsive liar lol

NIN643224d ago

Used the backlight to see? Set the alarm to go off every 20 min for 65 hours? Wouldn't the battery have died?

legendkilla3224d ago

no doubt ... my 3GS only last a couple of days with light use

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The story is too old to be commented.