MAG Opening Cinematic

GamingSpotlight Writes: "
As promised I have recorded footage of the opening cinematics from MAG."

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Nambassa3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Watching that cinematic makes me wish Zipper had of made a single-player campaign also. Looks like it could have been pretty immersive and fun.
Ah well, maybe in a sequel? One can only hope...
But then again, you can tell loads of effort has been put into the multiplayer. I mean.. 256 players? That's freakin awesome man. Definately picking this one up.

captain-obvious3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

that looks really good
but after MAG
you know what i really want ??

i want Guerilla games or Zipper
to work on a modern shooter using killzone2's engine
you know like if BF:BC2 and killzone2 had a baby
now that would be epic

any way
few days left and i cant wait to get my hand on this game
by the way
what faction (or PMC) do you PPL think i should pick ??

raztad3225d ago


Dont forget R3 and KZ3 are in production. I'm pretty sure they will be leaps a bounds beyond their current incarnations.

Regarding the faction I'm still undecided. I like SVER the most, I played as SVER through the Beta, but I think I'm gonna try RAVEN this time. RAVEN has cool/modern gear and it seems no as popular as SVER. I just want to help to balance things out. The downside is that you can get stuck in a faction with low numbers of members and having a hard time to get Domination maps filled.

Chubear3225d ago

lol, gadz, I just love that MAG theme music at the start up menu screen.

FamilyGuy3225d ago

I imagine that would end up something like all those Dynasty Warrior games. Just with guns and different time line ect.

FACTUAL evidence3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Fareye I agree with you, but i can't stand games with no single player, *coughsocomconfrontationcough* ...yeah umm..*coughwarhawkcough* em, had to clear my..*coughMAGcough*...phew...o h boy.......itchy throat..oh, where did i leave off again? The beta was cool though..

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360hasnogamesfor20103225d ago

the house of best exclusives in this gen...

"it only does everything"


fishd3225d ago

You are talking to yourself!

trancefreak3225d ago

ya i want to see the game in action on my tv. I just need to find some good squad mates. Some dudes oissed me off 1 time they keeped tking me because I was a sniper.

Their strategy was to run into direct contact then well get killed. No need for a sniper huh? Snipers put the opposition behind cover so your squad can assault.

As long as your whole squad doesnt play sniper it reains balanced imo.

Cant wait btw!

Skyreno3225d ago

Day on buy >> i just preorder it so im ready to join fight again :) GO SVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deadpool193225d ago

One of the best openings i've seen in ages

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