This Week In Game Criticism: Bayonetta Doctrine

Gamasutra is partnering with game criticism site Critical Distance to present some of the week's most inspiring writing about the art and design of video games from commentators worldwide. This week, Ben Abraham looks at diverse topics from Bayonetta through Mass Effect to the 'Kotick Doctrine'.

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xg-ei8ht3166d ago

Enough of the bayonetta already. Nobody cares./

andron6663166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

But I love playing it. Only thing getting me down are the ridiculous loading times in the PS3 version. Other than that it's great...

THE MAX SPEED 213166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Nobody cares but you take the time to Click on the article and write your comment and click on add reply.

shows you actually care.

EDIT: 3 sony fanboys disagreed with me. Keep'em coming

kewlkat0073166d ago

My favorite action game so far in 2010. Yet so early.

level 3603166d ago

Have finished playing Bayonetta and liked it a lot as well, I thought the loading times although somewhat long actually is good as it makes up for some respite.

Bayonetta is a game made by men, *from the male perspective, **for the male perspective which I believe sums up what this game is all about, so don't take it seriously that it says this game is all about female empowerment..

.. just enjoy the gameplay with some added softcore camp.

Christopher3166d ago

Talk about a hodgepodge of random Internet ramblings. Didn't really get anything out of reading the various linked articles. Half of them are articles that waste time discussing too many sociological and psychological concepts. It's like watching a well-known English professor treating Twilight the same as a Tolstoy novel, it's pointless since the primary goal is entertainment and not much else.

Simon_Brezhnev3166d ago


and you care about what people write and people who disagree with you lol