PSN Gets More Downtime: Maintenance Soon

Just in case you've got a TSA Meet lined up, or you just want to know when the PSN service will be disrupted, here's when the next two PSN Maintenance windows will be: the 21st of January and the 26th of January. It's not clear whether this will be a global downtime or whether it's just limited to Eastern regions, but hopefully somebody at SCEE will clear this one up for us nearer the time, as is normal.

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TheDeadMetalhead3220d ago

PSN's going to be down for maintenance...on the day MAG releases...

MAiKU3220d ago

Uhm... i guess so they can prepare themselves for the huge amount of players?

In the long run its not that bad is it?

gaffyh3220d ago

Must be adding new servers, will probably still crash on the day though.