Mass Effect 2 is 20-30 hours long, depending on how you play

CC: Mass Effect 2 Project Director Casey Hudson has revealed that it will take you 20-30 hours to complete the upcoming title, depending on how you play it.

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blahgasm3168d ago

So it's twice as long as the first one. Good.

mjolliffe3168d ago

It'll be an epic, epic title XD

Bungie3168d ago


that's a lot of hours for such an EPIC game

StanLee3168d ago

Here we go again with putting a play time on games. Like everyone has the same kill level, plays on the same difficulty or have the same play style. SMH!

Caspel3168d ago

Listen to the whole interview, this website has taken it out of context for their own sensationalism

He was talking about dev team members on speed runs.

The Killer3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

now is the torrent version already out?

cant wait to play it ;)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3168d ago

The first one took me 24 hours and 57 minutes to finish.

blahgasm3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I said good that it was longer because I finished the first one in about 18 hours. The main quest only took about 10-15 hours to do so ME2 being 20-30 hours means the game is twice as long. How is saying that more of a great game is good bad?

DeepInterludium3168d ago

Mass Effect 1 claimed to take 20-30 hours...

And I beat it my first time in 10.

lh_swe3167d ago

Are you openly promoting the illegal download of games? I am sorry but I find the illegal download of games by a gamer highly un-ethical, especially of a title that deserves funding because making games is absolutely not a cheap process and making a game that isn't just shovel ware. I mean Bioware has gone out on a limb with these titles and to not pay them their dues is an outright disgusting act, especially so when openly bragging about it.

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PhilipLarkin3168d ago

60 is you decide to do it all, I'm guessing.

mjolliffe3168d ago

Well it's got DLC on the way as well (I think), so it's going to be good value for money!

BeaArthur3168d ago

Probably not 60 if you do everything. Maybe you can stretch to 40 but they wouldn't have said 20 to 30 if you could still have things to do at the 55 hour mark. Even so, it sounds a good bit longer than the original, can't wait.

LesterCorncrake3168d ago

this is good news, however its not unusual for most games to take me that long to finish them, i like to take my time, uncharted 2 took me around 20 hours also.

Dark3603168d ago

Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 = 2 DVD9 20-30 Hours = Epic Winner

PS3 God Of War 3 = 1 Blue Ray Disc = +25 Gig = 10 Hours = Epic FAIL

mjolliffe3168d ago

And I wondered why you only had 1 bubble....

timotei3168d ago

hahah I knew that was coming. Sort of like finding your were adopted

3168d ago
maverick11913168d ago


lmao that was funny as hell about your comment ROFL

bubbles for the laugh mate owned to the max lmao

Sez 3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Um. Just asking a question. But whhat unlimited replayabillity are you talk g about. I've finished the game and see nothing different from the first play thru. Maybe the fact you start the new game with your weapons from the first play thru. Other than that I don't see the real need to play it again. Unless theirs a better ending?

Edit: wow I see I got a disagree for asking a question. Instead of an answer. Hum what should I make of that.
Maybe it doesn't have the " unlimited replayabillity" as someone is claiming. Cause I have the game and finshed it. Even though I like the game. I want to know what warrents a second play thru.

talltony3168d ago

It takes alot memory for all of gow3's high quality textures. 10 hours is a great length for any single player game but for RPGs you need to be longer than that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3168d ago

has no defense over this one DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!!!

talltony3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

You know bluray has more space which can hold more high rez textures right? (ASK JOHN CARMACK) whether you know it or not its a fact. and no im not on damage control, i really could care less what people like you think. And how does it feel to compare a rpg to a action game lol Its funny how guys always try and diss the playstation without facts.

Michael-Jackson3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Epic? that wasn't epic :( your comment can be bashed easily but considering people compare entirely different genre on 360 vs PS3 there's really no point.

It's a Action RPG, RPGs are suppose to last that long.

Udidntlistenpunk3168d ago

Oops bots, you just got owned.

Mass effect 2 is the same piece of shiat that can be finished in less than 12 hours. For an rpg, thats just PATHETIC.

But keep walking in circles and explore those big empty and same looking planets...Its absolutely useless but sure does increase your playtime! Hahaha suckers

lh_swe3167d ago

I know I shouldn't be at all surprised but it still infuriates me to see so many fanboys soo intent on "destroying" the other sides consoles.
What does this remind me of...hmm...I know religion and all the wars and conflicts surrounding basically the same ideals.

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THE MAX SPEED 213168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

THIS IS FULL OF WIN. did you guys see the 30minutes vidoe earlier on in the pending section? it was epic.

Free DLC on day 1 + 20-30 hour long game.

What else would you want?

webeblazing3168d ago

i wonder if the free dlc is what they couldnt fit on the disc cuz the said its gonna be on 2 disc o well just glad they aint holding no punches on this

webeblazing3168d ago

a disagree huh is it gonna be on one disc now or are they holding back punches or i dont want the game anymore ur so smart let me know what ur thinkin

GameOn3168d ago

It's to discourage people from buying the game second hand.

webeblazing3168d ago

o ok thanks at least u said something and i get what u said it make sense

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movements3168d ago

EPic indeed! Can't wait for this.......