Gran Turismo 5 Races Against Reality

PSLS writes:

"Gran Turismo 5 is setting up to be one of the most polished racers this generation. To show how in-depth Gran Turismo 5 will be, Polyphony Digital has recently revealed a video showing a comparison of a real car compared to a real life motor."

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JonnyBigBoss3225d ago

Is it just me or does real-life look worse?

FangBlade3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

^^ agreed.
buying G25 specially for GT5!

saint_john_paul_ii3225d ago

i guess thats what Yamauchi meant when he said GT5 looks better than real life lol

ryuzu3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

This vid has been around for a few days over at gtplanet.

Anywho, que the people who don't understand what this is actually showing....

And while I imagine it'll be good, GT5 has simply taken too long now. It was stupid not to release last year and even that would've been late, but a delay from March in Japan and still no firm dates for NA/EU....

Just too long - presumably due to feature creep like this stuff, that 90%+ of users won't get to use.


nycredude3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )


So you would like them to have release an unfinished product last year instead of working on finishing a product and then releasing it right? You must be a huge fan of MS or Activision.

Are you still going to buy it when it finally releases? If so then I don't see the problem here. If not then why waste your time here commenting?


What competition are you refering to? Forza 3? That game although fun, is half the game Gt5 is. Come on there is no competing with Gt5, both in sales or quality. IMO GT4 wasn't even the best one so If anything I'd rather have a port of Gt3.

But all these features you deem useless may be what gets someone else to find interest in the game. You can't seriously think that the developers should start making games based on what ONE person want do you?

I am just a dissappointed as you are with the time it is taking to release this game. Trust me I have a G25 wheel been sitting around for 2 years waiting for this game, but I trust that when it is finally released it will be of high quality and will most likely be the only racing game I need (besides off road Motorstorm) until the next one releases. I'd rather buy one racing game every 5 years than be forced to buy one every 2 years.

ryuzu3225d ago

What I'd like them to do is release a completed home entertainment product, rather than spend time implementing features like this that are of limited to use to most consumers.

Sinceyou ask me, I'd liked to have seen a GT5 released which simply was GT4 ported to a PS3 engine, maybe with a solid online thrown in - essentially what GT5P was, but a solid full version; no Nascar, no head tracking, no damage etc etc.

That would have given everyone a "proper" GT to play and we would now be wondering about these features in GT6.

Instead, by the time GT5 comes out, most people have found something else and the competition is much better now than it was a year ago.


Grown Folks Talk3225d ago

in NA, give or take a month.

sonarus3225d ago

Here we go again with the "looks better than real life" speeches lol

snaz273225d ago

I get what your saying and i can understand it however, you gotta understand polyphony are perfectionists! they want it to be the best it can possibly be, and you know what i applaud them for that! In this gen (just like other gens i guess) you have many many devs doing exactly what you just described, and its called mediocrity (cant spell too well lol) I dont want games to be mediocre! i want killzone 2s and uncharteds etc... it seems that its mainly sony devs going the extra mile to bring us greatness too, maybe its because of the way sony work? the freedom to take their time? surely if you rush something its going to be mediocre at best no? just ramping up graphics of gt4 with online added, is not something i would buy! ok yeah its taking a long time (5 years now?) but trust me it will be more than worth the wait! i dont get what you mean by saying people will have moved on to other games? so say if i went out and played forza, that would make me not want gt5 when it comes out? strange concept mate lol

-MD-3225d ago

Or it could be the 50 dollar camera that they used to capture the real life portion.

Microsoft Xbox 3603225d ago

I don't see how a feature like this delayed the game. This was probably a technique in their dev code to fine tune their physics engine and track design. Looks to me like they simply unlocked it as a feature.

Redempteur3225d ago

i find it funny that the only thing GT actually dare to compare itself to is reality ..

i'm quite a rally fan and i intend to test all the features of GT5 as soon as it launches .. ( WRC license oh yeaah )

sikbeta3225d ago

Gran Turismo 5: Perfectionism at its Best

LukaX233225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

okay, c'mon! this was taken directly from the japenese GT site DAYS ago... this isn't news...

Update: here's the link

Baka-akaB3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )


If any game matched GT's quality in the genre , you wouldnt be complaining that GT takes too long and should have just been gt4 with HD .

If it was the case you'd have moved on to something else without looking back .

Who care if there two forza meanwhile ? There has been 4-5 need for speed meanwhile too , is that supposed to be anymore meaningful ?

Mediocre devs and good but not legendary devs can settle for mediocrity and/or compromises and pump out titles on a yearly basis for a franchise .
PD choose not to , and it's showing .

If it was taking too long as often stated , it would be forgotten on it's own , instead of making haters and competitions quivers in their boots and come up with the most ludicrous claims .

Narutone663225d ago

saying the game takes too long. You're probably too young to remember/play Diablo 1 and 2, Starcraft and Warcraft 1 and 2. Those are amazing PC games and Blizzards really took their time in polishing these games. The GT-series have been know to really take a long time and is well-known for being delayed. The funny thing is that GT5 was only announced last year and these so-called journalist as saying it was delayed many times (Dale North of Destructoid comes to mind).

Immortal3213225d ago

look at it like this. For $60 you get a game that rival reality based on this video. second, more cars and 16 on the track at ounce. third, online community with dedicated servers. Finally, you don't have to pay for cars that should be in the game.

fishd3225d ago

Another thing that many ppl forget is the little fact that between GT4 and GT5, PD made 2 other games : Tourist Trophy and GT Portable

GVON3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Some of reasons it's taken 5 years are it's a completely new engine,there is not one line of code from GT4,which itself was derived from GT3 code.
What PD are doing is creating a technological base for the next 10 years of GT,this engine will be scale onto PS4,they even showed prologue spread across 4 Ps3's outputting at 3840x2160 and at 240FPS with little additional work needed,it was essentially a proof of concept (and showing new Sony tech)

This would allow GT6 to launch 2 years after 5,even launch on PS4 as the assets they're creating now are downscaled for 5.
Also each car takes 6 months per artist,1 year per track spread over 4 artists.x the car count (around a 1000) and you have around 4382906.39 of man hours on just cars.
It would be a crazy huge task for any development team,especially when it's all in house.

Maybe the guys complaining haven't been gaming long,or don't appreciate the time it takes fully building a game,but 5 years is about right for what they are doing,GT1 took 5 years.but as it was unheard of,nobody could question why it was taking so lon.

Oner3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Wow I am so glad I am of the mind set I would rather wait to get a better game than to compromise or settle for something less in any number of areas ~ accuracy, polish, features, innovation and not pushing the boundaries of technology.

I'm sorry. I won't, but others can settle for mediocrity and stagnation if they want with claims such as

"I'd liked to have seen a GT5 released which simply was GT4 ported to a PS3 engine, maybe with a solid online thrown in - essentially what GT5P was, but a solid full version; no Nascar, no head tracking, no damage etc etc.

That would have given everyone a "proper" GT to play"

If that is what you want/believe than you don't know what GT is truly about or Sony first party devs are about honestly...and that is actually pushing the bleeding edge of what is possible. Not doing/offering what others do. What would be the point of a GT4 in a GT5 cloak? Just play GT4 then...because that wouldn't be a "proper GT to play" at that point!

I honestly don't get it. Maybe it's because I have higher standards or have come to expect & want MORE...not LESS in life. SMH...

ABizzel13225d ago

GT5 looks absolutely amazing. This game is as close to real life as any console game has ever been (How can something look better than real life? Brighter colors?). Come PS4 Gran Turismo will have lighting on par with real life, as you can see the light shinning off of the dash which isn't as blooming in GT5. GT5 is close, but not there just yet.

WildArmed3224d ago

dmn reality sucks.
I wanna live in GT world

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thabigboss3225d ago

real life looks washed out hehe

webeblazing3225d ago

and the funny thing whenever people do comparisons they they say the better ones is not washed out when colors in realize mostly do look that way unless they brand new or something that has that deep color like or maybe its the light idk its hard to imitate real life things can go from flawless looking to ugly in looks and color but they did a perfect job imitating a perfect race gotta get this when it come out do anybody know if they bundling it wit a wheel like g27 or a newer one

nefertis3225d ago

Im speechless. Playb3yond

user94220773225d ago

Can't really tell the difference.

spektical3225d ago

real looks real.. i dont see how GT5 looks "more" real.
the light hits how light should hit, the GT5 doesnt have light hitting the dashboard like in real life...

Dnied3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I'm just going to lol.

not only is this comment funny, it's also wrong. lol

check out 1:40 to 1:46 SPECIFICALLY for your comment.

Sorry I don't normally respond to such childish, borderline retarded comments but for some reason I feel like joining you guys on that level today

It looks "better than real" because there is no sun-faded / used

colours, everything looks vibrant and "new". If they wanted to replicate real life and use faded washed out colours do you know how many other complaints there would be?

on a side note, I'm pretty impressed with how accurate even the hand movements are on the wheel vs real life. hmm

snaz273225d ago

noone has said it looks MORE real life than real life, they are saying it looks BETTER than real life... its like in a magazine you see a gorgeous girl, slim, big boobs, long legs, perfect skin etc.... you think they really look like that? they look BETTER than real life!... as for light not hitting the dashboard again it shows how little you know... have you not played the time trial demo? infact do you have a ps3? your either blind or you have not played that demo! the light indeed hits the dashboard, and even shows shadows in real time... i will say though this video doesnt show that very well, infact the ps3 side looks a little dark, they probably have rgb on full thinking it makes their picture better lmao.

webeblazing3225d ago

thats what i was saying the sun do fade colors in real life and color is effected by some many thing and real life plus real life is hard to imitate cuz its some many possibilities of how things look but they will down play anything and they need too show how the suspension handles in the c ockpit more ( dont know the name u call it) like the real one

Richard Cypher3225d ago

to attain such an impressive result is just mindblowing.
So much people search easy monney instead of pushing the boundaries of what us as gamers can experiment.
Thanks PD even if i won't be able to try this one feature ^^

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