GameZone: Mass Effect 2 Interview with Casey Hudson Part 4 of 4

GameZone writes: "After sitting down with BioWare's Casey Hudson in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and following up with the project director of Mass Effect 2 this past week, we now present you the third of our four-part series centering on BioWare's upcoming title. Check out the audio slideshow to hear from Hudson and his outlook on the Mass Effect franchise."

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Caspel3222d ago

this is the full interview, rather than the other publication that keeps stealing quotes from it and putting it up on N4G ... hint hint, connectedconsoles.

Viewtiful3222d ago

N4G needs a down-rank button for people who do stuff like that.

Caspel3222d ago

I agree, such a huge disappointment.

BossKamikaze3222d ago

Ohh man i cant wait for this game its gunna be awesome espicially if we get that Earth DLC :D

GhostOps3222d ago

Saved the best for last!

trig4563222d ago

once again a great interview!

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The story is too old to be commented.