Twisted Gamer Radio: A New Venture for Loot Ninja

Loot Ninja writes: Do you guys remember all of those great podcast episodes we used to do last year? All of those conversations about Wolfenstein monsters and Fleshlight sex toys? Oh, the memories of cock rings. Well, after a month or so of doing shows, the Loot Ninja Podcast went on a little bit of a hiatus. After it went away, I still felt like I was just getting started with the podcast media form. I wanted to do a podcast or be a part of one. It sunk deep down in my brain and lingered after we finished recording, knowing full well I wanted to get my voice out there. Immediately I started searching and collecting all of the audio gear needed to put the podcast out on the internet. I am proud to say now that the table has been set, and we have come full circle. This puppy is now ready to start rolling, spreading its infection across iTunes and the world!

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McCullster3221d ago

I can't wait to get started on more content for this's gonna be SAWHEET!

fiercescuba3221d ago

this is actually a very good podcast

McCullster3221d ago

It will definitely get better! I can't wait to record the next episode!

McCullster3221d ago

WOW! Big thanks to Catastrophe for getting the story approved and on the site! :D

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