Under Siege still on Spring raised the question about Under Siege lauch date after the news about the motion control beeing delayed.

Seed Studios is now saying that the game is still comming out on Spring and will receive an update for motion control.

See the press release trough the link.

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ThatCanadianGuy3226d ago

Had my eye on this game for along time now.Looks really good, and should be a blast with the motion controller.

RTS games never really worked well with standard controllers..

TOO PAWNED3226d ago

What is this game about? how do you know it looks like? are there any vids?

ThatCanadianGuy3226d ago

It's only a PSN download game but it has alot of features and content
- Native 1080p (not upscaled )
- Replay recording with option to upload to YouTube
- Motion Controller support
- Splitscreen for Co-Op and Competitive
- 4 players online
- Video and voice chat in game and on lobby (with tiny windows on the corner!)
- Photo Mode
- Custom Soundtracks
full blown in-game editor where you can:
- Create your own level (single player, multiplayer) or a full campaign with your story
- Use the same tools that were used to make the Single Player Campaign
- Upload it all for everyone to see

Here's a link to there official site with a video of the game

Wrath PT3226d ago

I'm getting this game day one.