Hidden Gems: DJ Max Portable 2

One of the wonderful things about being isolated in a military camp in the middle of nowhere is that I get a lot of free time to just, well, do absolutely nothing. Of course that's just being inefficient, which is why I always keep my PSP close at hand. Doing so allows me to enjoy a myriad of portable wonders five days a week and one of those wonders includes a humble rhythm game known as DJ Max Portable 2.

DJ Max Portable 2 is by no means a new game, having been released about three years ago in March of 2007. The game was developed by Korean developer Pentavision for the PlayStation Portable and boasts roughly 60 original songs, addicting gameplay, plenty of unlockable items and even a soundtrack mode that I actually use when I get the urge to just enjoy the tunes on the go.

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mephman3225d ago

Definitely good news that it's getting a re-release.

Kyll3225d ago

I wish that was a huge franchise, I love it

ShawnCollier3225d ago

Good to hear it's getting a re-release.

Hardedge3225d ago

It's a great game, shame it doesn't have as huge a fanbase as it deserves.