Play TM UK Final Fantasy XIII Import Review The latest Play TM UK issue has gotten hold of a Japanese import of Final Fantasy XIII and given their own verdict, a very good 79%, but defiantly a change from all the glowing 9/10 reviews which we've been seeing recently.

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360hasnogamesfor20103221d ago

thank you 360 for gimped this score..

Dutch Boogie3221d ago

true. it looks like the worst ff yet. gonna have to rent this pos while those true ps3 exclusives are bought.

GrandDragon3221d ago

This is a very old review, which explains why they reviewed the Import instead of the English copy.

Nothing new here people, its just been rehashed

360hasnogamesfor20103221d ago

i cant wait for versus the real ff..

GrandDragon3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I have noticed a considerable difference when it comes to scoring this game.

Most gaming reviews who have imported the Game usually give it a 7-8 ( or 79-85/100) mark, whereas the recant English reviews have been giving glowing scores of 9/10.

Its a shame Play TM UK didn't have the English copy, maybe they would have had slightly different impressions if they HAD played trough this game with the English voice overs...



I recall this very same review some while back. That also explains why they have the import version as opposed to the English game. Seriously people

Vivi3221d ago

Yup old review.

Whats with all this English media reviewing a Japanese version of the game. Just wait for an actual English version of the game so you can actually understand like you do with everyone other game.

Top of the scan it says the reviewer is currently playing CoD Classic....

At least now I know he has ****** taste.

happy_gilmore3221d ago

wait, i meant fcuk you gimpbox 3fixme

abcd3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

1) Old review: = NowGamer


Where is the review by RPGSite?

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