Splinter Cell: Conviction April release date set?

The Lost Gamer writes "I'm sure it wasn't just myself that was disappointed that Splinter Cell: Conviction was delayed until April, yet these things happen unfortunately and it isn't like we aren't short of other fantastic titles arriving whilst we wait."

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dgroundwater3225d ago

They would shove it at the end of the month just to piss on me. Grr sorry but I am beginning to feel entitled to this game after waiting so long. I'm gonna play this one until the disc melts just to say I got my time/money's worth.

Bathyj3225d ago

Thats fine, plenty to play til then.

Still, cant wait, I know this is going to make up for SC:DA which I didnt like much.

ape0073225d ago

don't get me wrong guys

splinter cell is on of the best franchises in videogames and splinter cell chaos theory on xbox 1 was one of the best experiences I've played and I'll remember this game even if my hear went white

let's get to the point,I still haven't get bayonetta and darksiders and a bomb gonna happen at jan 26th

also heavy rain in feb,the atomic bomb will drop on march, also the awesome looking bad company 2 gonna release in march

if splinter cell released in Feb, It would be a AAA gaming mess

im glad that they delayed it,I want my favorite game to be even more polished

in April there's red dead redemption and hopefully conviction

blue7xx73225d ago

Yeah I agree as well I still haven't gotten bayonetta or Forza 3 and I'm planning on getting Mass Effect 2 and so many more great games are coming out soon so I'm glad they delayed it it will give me a chance to catch up with the games I haven't bought yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.