Wii Returned, "Too Expensive," Says Columnist

A columnist from the San Jose Mercury News bought a Wii for Christmas, then spent extra money for peripherals before even buying a game. The initial lure of a cheap console turned into the reporter being upset for spending so much extra on the system, for "hidden costs."

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IanCube3225d ago

See the issue for me is I've owned my Wii since launch in 2006, so all the extra purchases have been spread out over the years.

I can see how folks just buying one now and getting everything at once would be taken aback.

ScottBarkman3225d ago

haha yea, totally. But you have to admit, there is just way to much plastic being thrown at consumers. But it isn't just related to the Wii - games on other consoles are subject to this as well.

IanCube3225d ago

I think its fair to say the Wii has the most though?

koehler833225d ago

Wii is the only console in history that sells you controllers in 2 pieces. Why do they get away with this?

edgeofblade3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Wow. And here I thought the 360 was the console known for "hidden costs".

@koehler83: Now three pieces...

baum3225d ago

Finally somebody gets that the Wii is nothing more than a gamecube.

koehler833225d ago

@edgeofblade Sh!t you're right. That's a total hose-job.

qface643225d ago

ok so i read the article and in my opinion the whole thing is very stupid

ScottBarkman3225d ago

@iancube - Yea, it definitely is fair to say the Wii has the most. but still - the problem exists in all of gaming. a plague that needs to be solved somehow.

maybe with a helmet.

5th Devil of the Ful3225d ago

The gamecube had to do "Tales Of Symphonia" on two discs. Isn't Metroid Prime Trilogy just as long as ToS? How man discs was that done on?

Do the math. The Wii is stronger than the original XBox, the GC wasn't.

ChickeyCantor3225d ago

...It was set on 2 discs because of the disc SPACE.
Each disc could only hold upto ....1.5 gig i think.

This has nothing to do with the gamecube being weaker or xbox being stronger.

Although to bad GCN wasn't really maxed out, for that time the GPU could have done some cool things. HVS is tapping it now with the Wii.

5th Devil of the Ful3225d ago

Right, that would only prove my point that it isn't a GameCube. Not to mention the the Wii is stronger than the GC and XBox, and plus it has it own memory storage.

So my main point was that the Wii isn't a GC. Weather GC is stronger than the XBox or not doesn't matter to my argument.

ChickeyCantor3225d ago

Even so,
Your information was wrong. And its important you at least try to give the correct information.

vhero3224d ago

I agree the extra controllers are a silly price as you gotta buy 2 addons for most games which is a joke you should just need 1 controller. There are lots of hidden costs with the wii. I have been forced to buy the cheap knock off versions but they are a gamble and luckily mine paid off I got a good set (wiimote and nunchuck for £20). I heard bad things about some of them.

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indiemike3225d ago

I don't care for this story at all. Anytime someone is investing a lot of money in electronics like game consoles, they should do their research.

Plus he says that the Wii Remotes are $49, aren't they $40?

I think it sort of epitomizes the "brainless consumer." He really should have looked into it all before buying, returning, then getting cranky about it.

IanCube3225d ago

Almost makes you wonder if he just wanted to write a piece on how he thought it was expensive, and to prove his point he went and purchased then returned it.

indiemike3225d ago

I don't think he went THAT far, but I'm betting that he sort of "stuck to his guns" on the story, regardless of how ridiculous and hole-filled it is.

I don't remember him ever fessing up to saying he should have researched it. He's blaming Nintendo for a lot of things that have existed for years.

IanCube3225d ago

Thats true wouldn't it have been a bit easier to just do a quick google search for prices on stuff first?

Smacktard3225d ago



You have to buy CONTROLLERS for video game consoles? And VIDEO GAMES? No way, this is just getting a bit out of hand. Hahaha, what's next having to pay for batteries?... wait, don't tell me... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

tl;dr: stupid columnist is stupid

indiemike3225d ago

Funny enough, he DOES complain about buying batteries as well.

IanCube3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Cue rechargeable battery maker's entrance....

ScottBarkman3225d ago

haha yea - I have a feeling the columnist had an idea for a column, and had to really work to come up with reasons for his opinion. Seems like he's reaching a bit. Bet he wont complain about the $200 natal plugin :P

soxfan20053225d ago

It was pretty dumb of him to buy rechargable batteries considering he lets his kids play for 30 minutes a week. How often was he expecting the batteries to die?

At that rate, a pack of 6 AA's would probably last them a year, and cost around $3.

Christopher3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I don't think it's that brainless.

My Atari, Sega Genesis, and N64 came with two controllers, a few games, and everything I needed to play out of the box. Nowadays, everything possible is piece-mealed. And it's done intentionally so they can sell a pipe dream of a system that does everything you'll want right out of the box, but in the end you end up spending sometimes just as much to achieve that pipe dream. It has only gotten worse with wireless technology and the need for rechargeable peripherals. Even worse as every platform is expanding their existing hardware with new hardware (Natal, Motion+, PS3 Eye/'Arc').

I think from a gamer's perspective, it's nothing new and we roll with it, no matter how much I think most of us would love to buy a system that came with everything we need right out of the box. But, people who don't game? His article is very much the experience that people have with these type of purchases.

raptorjacob3225d ago

i hate aa and aaa batteries. just make them with built-in rechargeable batteries, then when those run out after a few years ill buy a new controller. (not trying to be all pro-sony, even though i am, but i dont like running out of juice and not being prepared with more batteries for my electronics)

indiemike3225d ago

I think that's even more of a problem. If simple things like batteries were proprietary, then there would be even more complaints. I've killed batteries on the Wii pretty quick in some games, and I'm grateful that all I need is a good supply of rechargeable AA's.

If I had to go out and buy a proprietary Wii Remote battery from Nintendo, it would probably cost twice as much, and last equally as long as cheaper rechargeable AA's do.

raptorjacob3225d ago


i meant a battery that cant be removed, like some mp3s have and the ps3 controller. all i do is plug my controller into the ps3 and it charges, the down side is eventually the battery is going to die completely and im going to have to buy another controller. i still have my controllers from feb 07 without the hassle of changing batteries. i think it saves some money over time

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aepex3225d ago

The columnist just compared disc-based games to online Flash games.

Are you kidding me?

ScottBarkman3225d ago

Well, aside from Tiger Woods Online they really don't compare. and that could be argued it isn't solely web based. but yea, ridiculous rationale.

js7263225d ago

When it comes down to the opinions and entertainment of a 4 and 7 year old, flash games really do compare to these console games. At least, until they experience the console games. Once they've done that, they don't find as much enjoyment in the flash games because of the more visceral experience that comes from playing the kinds of Wii games they'll play (Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, etc.)

Christopher3225d ago

When it comes to providing video games that his kids enjoy playing... it makes tons of sense. He's not saying they're the same, what he's saying is that his kids are fine playing flash games for now and all the added expenses of a Wii plus having to restructure their time allowed to play video games, they weren't ready for it.

The article really isn't anti-video games, saying console-based video games are the same as flash games, or anything of that sort, but more an examination of how much thinking needs to go into such a decision by looking at what he experienced when he thought about buying the Wii out of the blue.

vhero3224d ago

To be fair some flash games looks better than 95% of wii games lol.

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dirthurts3225d ago

Am I the only one who feels like the writer of the column is an idiot? I mean seriously?
This guy gets paid to write this stuff?
I'm not defending the Wii, as it's my least favorite console (even though I own one) but the article lacks any common sense at all.
Batteries for a wireless controller...well yeah. Did you assume they are powered by inertia? Games are required for a game system...surely not. And no one forced him to pick up another controller. Let the kids battle it out. It's good for them.

Christopher3225d ago

He says specifically that he doesn't get paid to write about games or consoles.

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