The Likeable, Mass-Murdering Hero

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes: "While playing Assassin's Creed 2 recently, it dawned that while it's a fun game in a lot of respects, it falls victim to the same tired videogame trope so many games do: the protagonist is portrayed as a good-natured, likable guy, but goes around killing hordes of people unnecessarily... Assassin's Creed 2 is just the latest of many games that have fallen victim to this formula. Even my beloved Uncharted 2 features hero Nathan Drake killing nearly a thousand soldiers in the name of his goal, though the mercenaries in that game were portrayed as being far more sinister than the poor saps in Assassin's Creed 2. As such, I figured it was high time to look at action-adventure games that have managed to be thrilling without making you play as a mass murderer." (Challenging Conventions #6)

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Haly3165d ago

Nice analytical piece.

I'd like to see more games which encouraged me to take out enemies through non-lethal methods.

BetaChris3165d ago

One point I feel should be made here - Ezio does not kill needlessly in Assassin's Creed 2. Not, mind you, that I feel compelled to justify the actions of a video game character, but bear in mind that anyone he dispatches is a villain.

In fact, not only does Ezio not kill innocents, but doing so is discouraged, and punishable by desynchronization. Ultimately, this makes the protagonist less of a mass murderer, and more of a man with no other choice to his actions.

shoinan3165d ago

You could argue the guards are innocents too, and that they don't need to be killed. But that's getting a bit deep.

mr durand pierre3165d ago

What Shoinan said...

I felt bad for the guards. There just minding their own business, pacing back and forth, when BAM, they're stabbed in the back of the neck by an assassin. I guess one could argue they should have known the risk the job would entail, but beyond that, they're just government employees doing their jobs.

shoinan3165d ago

I wonder if there's an argument that by making it harder to not kill the guards, developers are trying to ask gamers to make difficult decisions - maybe just a bit subtler than, say, Bioshock?

saint_john_paul_ii3165d ago

when Ezio kills his enemies, he also does it with a sense of guilt, he doesnt really want to kill these enemies but he has no choice.

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cain1413165d ago

I'll be honest, I kinda wish I could go on a murdering spree all GTA style...

MGRogue20173165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Has this guy completely forgotten that he is playing a VIDEO GAME..?

lol sorry, but this article is complete rubbish imo. :)

SlamVanderhuge3164d ago

so every game should encourage mass murder to accomplish your goals?

Redempteur3165d ago

"Even when Niko runs over dozens of civilians while on a date, his lady friends will comment on the shoddy driving, but don’t seem to mind the murdering that goes with it

Source Challenging Conventions 6: The Likeable, Mass-Murdering Hero by The Game Reviews

But but but i was driving so fast i could just stop to check if they were dead or not ... my girlfriend in the game surely felt the same too .
MAybe they aren't dead afer i run over them at 180mph just in the hospital waiting to be cured ...

i plaid "not guilty" on this one ...

dgroundwater3165d ago

Did you just formally cite your source before responding? I don't know if I should laugh or show respect :P

Redempteur3165d ago

lol my copy and paste was just too strong ...

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