Beefjack: Fanboyism: Can It Be Avoided?

Beefjack writes: With fanboyism becoming a popular trend amongst the online gaming community, one Beefjack Editor gives his own thoughts on the issue and details his path towards fanboyism.

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Halfofme3221d ago

If fanboyism can be avoided I certainly didn't... I'm still playing my Dreamcast.

Godmars2903221d ago

So how can it be avoided?

mrwiggles3221d ago

Firstly buying all the consoles... don't fall into the trap of talking about what you don't know.

Having both of the real consoles.. I have to say.. they both are very good.. and comparing is pointless. They are different. They each have their own pro's and con's.

I must say though... having just one.. makes it hard to resist the fanboyism..

Godmars2903221d ago

Sony may have made the mistake early on of relying on brand loyalty to sell the PS3 at $700, but it was Bill Gates who once threatened to use Halo 3 as a foil against the release of the console which could have greatly compromised the game's quality. Then you have the instance of Turn 10 announcing Forza 3 as being definitive to the whole industry, instead of just the console they were on. Later still you have another CEO specifically talking about the value of fanboyism.

Seekerofthewind3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I feel the need to ask what you mean by both of the 'real' consoles? Far as I know, there are three home consoles and two portable ones, and all five (total) have their merits and flaws.

OGharryjoysticks3221d ago

Sooner or later...

Eventually any intelligent person will have sorted all the positives and negatives out between systems to come to a logical conclusion that one system is better. At that point there is no need for discussion. There are going to people who see things differently, and not surprisingly, those people often choose to focus on one or two points instead of the big picture.

Godmars2903221d ago

Not really talking about "intelligent people" here. Logic and fanboys just don't go together.

LtSkittles3221d ago

I think you're a gamer if

A)You can afford all of the consoles, and have a good time with both.

B)You can only really afford on console, and that's understandable, and you at least give the other consoles credit where credit is due.

C)You enjoy a game, and it doesn't matter what other people think about the game, or what reviews, either bad, or good the game got.

Fanboys who love Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo have a game that you enjoy, and you want to see where there franchise is going to go, isn't bad, but a fanboy who defends a company like Microsoft,Sony, or Nintendo, and then takes cheap-shots at the competition is stupid. I mean I grew up on the Nes, and the Snes, then the N64, and then a PS2, and then I fell in love with Halo, so I wanted an xbox(which I still have), and then I wanted a 360, but because of not having a lot of money got a PS3, and I can still enjoy a 360, and I don't make fun of my friends who have one. I do enjoy Halo 3's multiplayer.

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