Poor man's nettop shopping guide

Fudzilla: "As more and more vendors embrace nettops, we're starting to see a flurry of activity on the market and more and more innovative concepts. Like all consumers, we appreciate cutthroat competition and lots of choice, but some vendors seem to be missing the point. Basically, many of them are focusing on feature packed products and pushing prices up, rather than down. The netbook market went through a similar phase last year, as companies started offering expensive netbooks that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

At the moment, the cheapest netbooks sell for just under 200 Euros and we are talking about the most basic models, based on Intel's Atom 230 and godawful i945GC chipset. This sounds like a rather reasonable price, but we're pretty sure a couple of hours of browsing and a Phillips screwdriver can yield much better results, so let's take a look at what 200 Euros will buy you in the DIY market."

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