New WoW Armory Timestamp Controversy

The WoW Armory recently got a nice face lift, but introduced activity timestamp. This feature is a serious privacy controversy when people can actually monitor your gaming schedule trends.

From gold farmers to your job's boss and your mom can see when you have played. Gold farmers can play when they know you aren't around, your boss can find out you played WoW during your 9am - 5pm schedule, and your mom can find out you were playing after bedtime. What a nightmare!

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Medievaldragon3225d ago

They should seriously enable some kind of opt-out to keep timestamps private. You know, there's a lot of people who play during job time. While they shouldn't be doing so, it is also not good to get fired cuz your boss checked your WoW armory timestamps. ouch.

Dorjan3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

lol, easy solution, don't play when you're not meant to be! :D


Leord3225d ago

"Making lying harder since 2010"

Leord3225d ago


First off, I don;t play WoW any more, but was it not "privacy" people complained about when the Armory opened?

Is THIS the "step to far", or what makes it different from the last step?

Recka3225d ago

Hmm that is a bit odd that they'd add something like that :S

BRG90003225d ago

The issue before was that your character's stats related to in-game wealth showed on your armory. The problem there was that people said their gold statistics being made public would make certain people big targets for hackers. It seemed like a pretty valid complaint, and Blizzard did end up taking wealth stats off the armory.

This complaint is pretty different, since it really boils down to "Now we can't lie about how much and when we play WoW!" Little validity here, and I doubt Blizzard will go back on this. I think the feature is kinda cool

sh8kes3225d ago

hehe, i find it funny that there is always some problem with everything new

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The story is too old to be commented.