Project Natal vs PS3 Motion Controller - With both the PS3 Motion Controller (rumoured to be called "Arc") and the Xbox 360 Project Natal having probable release dates for Holiday 2010, it is only natural to ask which one will be better. Since that neither of these technologies are out on the market, it is only fair to ask "Which one will have more potential?"

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PtRoLLFacE3221d ago

in other words failure vs dildo

rekonizakilla3221d ago

I don't think either ms or sony is gonna change the world with their new toys. But this guy is obviously more informed cos he's probably played them both right?

FaSeCeX3221d ago

but on topic...potential for what?
if its which will be more fun, then i'd probly side with natal for obvious reasons.
if its which will have more potential for better games then i'd side with the wand for obvious reasons

if u were to take any fps game..which would be more sensible to use if u're goin to be running, aiming, throwing grenades, switching weapons, reloading, crouch, prone, and so on (picked fps 'cause its more popular, but rpg's could be a split if u like running for hours in place, sports could be a split between sports, i dont see natal working for football do i have to be hitstick'd in real life to be tackle by my buddy? lmao)

and one more thing i'd like to add on is..gaming at night
most of my nights are spent gaming..and i would assume most people game in the dark like i do (when gaming after hours) not sure if natal would work if ur light is off but i know the wand would work just fine since the camera is just detecting the light..not u urself

now blah blah blah about turn ur light on...haha right, my light bill is already ridiculous..not that everyone is in my position but still get my point? probly not lol, kudos if so

Rockox3221d ago

Who Gives a Crap vs I Don't Give a Crap

Immortal3213221d ago

if this motion stuff becomes a hit then next gen is not for me

Saaking3221d ago

Neither interests me, but it's obvious the PS wand has more potential. Why? One word: buttons.

Imalwaysright3221d ago

What Rockox said. If i wanted a console with motion sensor controllers i would have bought a wii when it launched.

davekaos3220d ago

Watch this video @2.20 the guy starts to drive the car with no control what so ever its smashing all over the place... so much for being accurate natal, then whats even worse is that the guys hands turn in a left motion and the car turns right?????????

Watch it all

Bigpappy3220d ago

There are talking about playing in the dark as though this is a problem for Natal. Natal does not need a bulb because it has "infrared". Look it up if you don't know what it is. This is stuff everyone should know about.

Hanif-8763220d ago

This article fails....who approved this?

Guido3220d ago

I know what infrared is. And I also know that when I turn my TV remote to the side a whisker, it won't send the signal to the TV to change the channel. In other words, it is inferior and since Natal uses it, it is inferior. It's so typical of MS to use old tech in their products rather than using new tech. It's the same argument we had years ago when we all found out the 360 was going to use DVD...

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mrv3213221d ago

The looser is...
Gaming and Gamers because ALL of US have no problems with a controller otherwise we wouldn't be gamers. I mean no one goes to the movies if they don't like moving picturr and as such no one plays games if they dislike buttons. So why change it just to look good to your investors but in the end recieve a low intake of gamers who will go back to the buttons. Remember the MANY past failed attempts at motion control? They failed... these WILL fail and the Wii only suceeded because it didn't go after gamers it went after non-gamers who dislike buttons.

Omega43221d ago

You shouldnt look at it that way. If both Natal and the wand succeed and both the 360/PS3 manage to sell like the Wii Sony and MS will make tons of cash. And if the games sell crazy like Wii Fit/Play to the casuals thats means money for publishers. And with that money Sony/MS will be able to make next gen consoles increase in power because publishers will be able to afford the increase in development costs which come with making high quality hardcore games.

So unless you want next gen to have consoles with the same specs as they do now you should hope that these motion controllers succeed.

mrv3213221d ago

Hope for motion controls to succeed or next generation will have tech like this generetion. Your example is the Wii who has last generation specs, let's be fair it does, it doesn't make it worse by any means.

If someone wants to buy a gaming console they'll buy it for the games and not the motion controller. If someone wants a motion controlled console they'll go for the Wii... they won't go for the £250 ones they'll go for one they know has the most motion controller support.

Last I checked Sony's PS3 was the second fastest selling console in Britain, Last I check the 360 is passing 39 million, these AREN'T SMALL NUMBERS. Sony and Microsoft are doing fine as they are.

Omega43221d ago

I think casuals will go to the console which is advertised best and has the most appealing games. If MS/Sony can create incredible ad campaigns the casuals will come in herds. And another thing, casuals dont know which console has the most motion control games its all down to advertising, if MS/Sony advertise loads of games the casuals will believe it has loads of motion controlled games like the Wii.

"Last I checked Sony's PS3 was the second fastest selling console in Britain, Last I check the 360 is passing 39 million, these AREN'T SMALL NUMBERS. Sony and Microsoft are doing fine as they are."

If Ubisoft is right and devs costs increase to $60ml for all AAA games from $30ml the xbox720/ps4 will need to have double the selling speed for hardware and software. Or you can expect either low quality games or very very few games released every year.

RealityCheck3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

another reason mrv321 why traditional gamers like us are at the loosing end of this trend is that unlike what people denied early on, we know now that they are indeed diverting resources away from other games to put on these new motion games and they will divert marketing time and $$$ away from advertising traditional games in favor of motion games

4Sh0w3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Personaly as a Gamer I'm excited about the potential if offers but the Realist in me say's not to judge until I see a few games.

I happen to know it will fail or succeed based on whether or not Gamers both hardcore and casual like it= If its good they will buy it, if its not it will fail quickly enough that those who always were against it will only remember it as a small annoyance that recieved too much hype, and laugh about it.

We all want things that we personaly prefer to succeed and we either don't care or hope things we don't like to fail, however I like the fact that the success of a product or service is not in the hands of a select few; the elite of n4g, but instead will be determined by the mass public opinion. Democracy is a great system.

Therefore I disagree with you; The loser is(one o)...Gaming and Gamers WHO DO NOT LIKE CHANGE because ALL of US have HAD no problems with controllerS WHEN THEY HAD ONE BUTTON, NO TRIGGERS, NO ANALOGUE STICK, WIRED, ETC. BUT NOW WE APPRECIATE HOW CONTROLLERS HAVE EVOLVED TO ENHANCE OUR GAMEPLAY otherwise we wouldn't be gamers. I can't believe that waaay back in the day it never occurred to me that controllers needed to evolve when I was playing Frogger on Atari.

MOTION CONTROLLS IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE INDUSTRY CONTINUING TO EVOLVE. *Is this next evolution=motion control the right direction for gaming?, thats not really a question you or I can answer, we can only voice our praise or dissent, ultimately HISTORY will tell us who was right, of course history is written by the victor lol, but you get the point. Motion Control has clearly found an audience with people who find today's standard controller "too complicated" but whether or not motion control will be a welcomed enhancement for more hardcore experiences remains to be seen, fortunately the merits of the potential of Motion Control won't be decided by what you or I or the minority here at n4g think, the mass public is alot more diverse and open-minded so as I said motion controls will succeed or fail based on its gaming quality, Thankfully.

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ubiquitious3221d ago

PS3-mote against next gen MS technology?

I'm not even going to read the article. We already know who is going to win this war.

Troll_Police3221d ago

I'm with you pal. Sony will win this by a mile.

mrv3213221d ago

Considering Microsoft though

No Wireless

Was next gen my money is on Sony's currect gen

Built in hard drive

So yeah...

Godmars2903220d ago

That's...actually a good name.

ThePostalDudeX3220d ago

It will be the same as the Wii, Motion control has no real benefit if your a hardcore gamer. But now that Sony is making it it's all hands on dicck!

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Troll_Police3221d ago

Natal's lack of buttons and extreme LAG will be it's downfall. Not to mention that you can only play Natal in a well lit room and it has trouble detecting people of color. Natal can't be played a night with the lights off. We all know how much you guys love your shooters so good luck playing a shooter with no button and all of that LAG.

Halo3 MLG Pro3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Lack of buttons? Man, just a perfect example of a sony fan that doesn't know anything about Microsoft's products. A controller can be used with Natal.

Another fail dude. But I can see why somebody like yourself is excited about Sony's motion tech. The odd design of it probably made you squirm for joy.

Wrathman3221d ago

he has seen the end product y'know.

PirateThom3221d ago

"a controller can be used with Natal"... completely eliminating the marketing spiel of "controller free gaming".

Microsoft better take it back to the drawing board if "controller free gaming" will require the use of a controller.

Halo3 MLG Pro3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

And I'm sure their will be games that don't need a controller. Games like Fable 3 or a Mass Effect type game would be perfect for Natal with a controller. The choices are there. With or without controller. Natal is going to be freaking sweet.

Aquarius3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Use your EYES and READ.

Can't wait to the 360 gets discontinued :D
just a waste of space

"Natal is going to be freaking sweet"
Haven't you ever played any eyetoy games. Don't your hands ever tire of holding them out in thin air?
Are you not human?
The wands will tire your arms as well but its of a much lesser extent.
Haven't played Wii Fit so I don't know how much action/movement the wii remote needs( I do know you put the remote in your pocket for jogging, so it can calculate )
Your going to be seeing a proper Wii Fit on NATAL.
It's going to be following the exact same procedure as the Wii/DS; lifestyle games.

Troll_Police3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I thought Natal was advertised as "controller free" and "YOU are the controller"? Also, I noticed that none of the Xbox fanboys defended the extreme LAG of Natal.

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reintype3221d ago

"Project Natal is works via a special type of camera called a “time-of-flight camera.” It essentially shoots out signals, have them bounce back, and then reads them. Then with sophisticated algorithms, develops an image of whatever is in front of it.

This means that you could possibly hold any stick (like a wood stick, plastic gun, baseball bat, the PS3 wand, Wii remote etc.) and it could possibly be able to detect it, in 1:1 motion and at what angle you are at."

Great read and very factual too! He must be a "game journalist". Those guys really research their stuff in depth.

And here I thought that NATAL was only a 30fps camera with an infrared, I didn't know it was that "SPECIAL". I guess MS just forgot about it during their recent CES announcement, I'm glad this article cleared that up.

The fact that it can do what the Wiimote and Sony's Arc does with 1:1 motion tracking to boot, really impresses me. Those leaked vids, must have come from another camera peripheral altogether, there's no way they're from NATAL.

And now it can also use ordinary items too! I must congratulate MS, for coming up with that idea, nothing but innovation from them.