Halo: Reach is 70% Complete

TMC: Here's more additional information of Halo:Reach from the new Edge magazine. Bungie's latest shooter is 70% done, completely redone explosions, will push 360 hardware, huge landscapes and more.

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PtRoLLFacE3248d ago

still on pre-alpha bungie employee confirms bungie employee = yellow letters

u got owned3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Yeah that's what Urk said in a Bungie Forum. For those of you who dont know, Urk is a Community Content Writer for

Bungie3248d ago

yeah i said it's Pre-Alpha too

looks like i was right :)

3248d ago
u got owned3248d ago

the pics from gameinformer were from a build pre thanksgiving, so you could say they were pre pre alpha. Final build is gonna be very close to the trailer.

tuglu_pati3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

@ u got owned

"the pics from gameinformer were from a build pre thanksgiving,"

Not only that but Urk said the latest build made him cry, that is looking fantastic."

baum3248d ago

I only said it looked pre-pre-xN times alpha and my comment got deleted.

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Troll_Police3248d ago

It's going to be released this holiday season whether it's ready or not.

D4RkNIKON3248d ago

And don't expect it to look as good as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 or God of War 3.

Mista T3248d ago

even though it won't be as good graphically as the games listed above, it will have amazing gameplay, mark my words

baum3248d ago

If you say Halo Reach doesn't look as good as a PS3 exclusive you're gonna be labelled as haters!

Edit: Oops, too late.

N4PS3G3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

If you're going to judge pre-alpha pictures of a game 8-9 months before release with 100% completed and released games you're going to be labelled hater

Edit: oops too late haha

Convas3248d ago

Owned. Served. And F*cked. Think before you post Baum.

D4RkNIKON3248d ago

ok.. so what happens when it does release and it doesn't look as good as Killzone 2 which by that point will be close to 2 years old. (KZ released in the beginning of 09 and Halo close to the end of 2010)

I am just sick of people bragging about 360 having better looking multiplats when they need to be compared side by side to even notice a difference, when on the other hand these PS3 exclusives look better than anything on the xbox.

I apologize for trolling I am done.

Sarcasm3248d ago

"If you're going to judge pre-alpha pictures of a game 8-9 months before release with 100% completed and released games you're going to be labelled hater"

Just like the same people who judged Killzone 2 in pre-alpha or the God of War III demo?

StanLee3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Who gives a fcuk if it looks as good as Killzone 2? Killzone 2 was on of the most generic FPSs I have ever played. By April, no one was playing online. I literally have 1 trophy for the game. Not that I think any more highly of Halo 3 ( . . . I have 40 achievement points) but this perception that a game has to look better than a PS3 exclusive to be great is stupid and immature.

niceguywii603248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Halo almost has a year of development left, the game will be on par or better than the trailer. I'm liking #1s link and what is said in it.

green3248d ago

- Does Killzone 2 have 2 player offline campaign and 4 player multiplayer campaign?.

- Does it have a forge mode that allows you to customize create and share your own maps?

- Does it have large scale maps?

Does it have a smooth as butter online multiplayer mode? Heck, how many people are online at the moment playing the game compared to the hundreds of thousands playing Halo 3.

Sorry but in a million years, i will never trade does features and more for the sake of better graphics. Call me when a FPS on console today can match and beat Halo 3 feature for feature.

baum3248d ago

I was basically pointing out how intolerant the fanboys are to criticism, which is true seeing as how swift the responses kicked in. Your "F*cked, owned" or whatever post is just wishful thinking (not surprised).

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GR8 13248d ago

Halo Reach is gonna set a benchmark for FPS again.

Mista T3248d ago

honestly it's not in terms of graphics because of the hardware it has to work with, but no doubt it's gonna be loads of fun.

Sunny_D3248d ago

Bungie themselves said Halo: Reach will disappoint hardcore gamers.


DelbertGrady3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Title scanner eh?

Go back and try reading past the title this time.

markbob3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

they said "Reach will upset hardcore fans of the series' "source material"."

not hardcore gamers, just the ones that read the book, since they are not going to follow the "canon" create from that book

-MD-3248d ago

Shh guys don't tell him that, let him keep looking like an idiot.

damnightmare3248d ago

I doubt it will set a new benchmark for FPS games

How bout we wait until there is footage first? Oh right fanboy logic

I wanna see these stealth kills though

menoyou3248d ago

Maybe for sales, but not for quality. Killzone 2 still has that title. Halo: Rehash is releasing only a year after Halo 3 ODST. Can't blame 'em. If I was Bungie I'd milk all these casuals for their money too by releasing rehash after rehash, milking the cash cow.

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cronaldo73248d ago

Bungie is bending the Xbox as far as it will bend and really pushing the hardware.

Convas3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

They'd have to, to be able to get 40 Active AI and 20 Vehicles to run together at the same time cohesively.

3248d ago
Bungie3248d ago

haha droids will be playing MW2 for a long time

we got Halo haha

princejb1343248d ago

halo sucks
is so boring
upgrade to gears
much funner

Sunny_D3248d ago


PS3 owners play the more tactical, hardcore FPS called KZ2. Yes, many people still play it.

*In before bot says "bu bu but Halo sold more!!!!!"

DelbertGrady3248d ago

Halo sold more. Tons more in fact. Because it's a great game.

How can Killzone 2 be more tactical when almost no one on PSN uses headsets? lol! Poor deluded soul. And if by hardcore you mean broken controls, then yes.

baum3248d ago

Wii Fit sold more than Halo because Wii Fit is a better game than Halo. FACT

DelbertGrady3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The people who bought Wii Fit think so, yes. Who are we to say what is right and what is wrong to like? Wii Fit is probably great for a fitness game.

Both Halo 3 and Wii Fit sold tons more than Killzone 2. Just means that there are more people out there who prefer to play those games rather than Killzone 2.

-MD-3248d ago

"tactical, hardcore FPS called KZ2."

Quote of the century right here.

damnightmare3248d ago

You guys can never keep an argument about games long enough before someone brings up sales.

Who HONESTLY cares about sales?

I would really wish to know, probably only Bungie since he is the only person on this site who does not actually play games.

Karooo3248d ago

Almost everyone during clan matches have mics, you bots are pathetic.

Killzone 2 > everything else. broken controls?? lul what lmao fckin noob.

Arnon3248d ago

Lol... "Killzone 2" and "Hardcore" shouldn't be used in the same sentence. I'd place Halo up above Killzone 2 simply because it's actually used in official tournaments.

But if you want a "hardcore FPS", it's most likely going to be on the PC. Also, yes. Killzone 2's controls were one of the main gripes in it's reviews, alongside it's script.

Just because your body swings around like your gun weighs 140lbs doesn't mean it's realistic or "hardcore".

baum3248d ago

A game doesn't sell because it's good, kids. You buy the game BEFORE playing it; BEFORE knowing it's good. A game sells because of proper marketing, period.

I love how Xbox fanboys think they know something about games that, in their own words, don't sell. Since those games don't even sell, it's very unlikely that you guys even own one. On the other hand, Halo copies are pretty much ubiquitous, so it's not hard to know it's an average franchise with dumbed down gameplay for their target audience. But again, some people love it, so that's why sequels keep being made every year.

Reviews are also irrelevant, as they are usually paid for. In the end it's all subjective, so pretending that Halo is better than something else is as ridiculous as saying Wii Fit is better than Halo. However, if you belong to circles where people have been gaming since the NES era or even before that, you most likely agree that Halo is pretty average, and that most Wii games are quick cash-ins. Also, you probably look for game features and proper implementations of them, rather than scores or sales. To each his own though.

Sales should only be used as an argument to tell companies to stop making sequels or to keep making sequels to a particular game, or to port it to another platform. They are irrelevant to rational consumers, as a rational consumer looks at the actual value a given good brings to him; buying something because others bought it is just sheep mentality (which is not very different from thinking that if something sells, it must be good).

The only way you could argue that sales are important to consumers is when you are buying into a network like Xbox LIVE, but PSN is pretty much the same except free and no racist children... so again, to each his own (pay for racism in games, not pay for a quiet session of gaming).

As for reviews, the only thing that matters is their content, not the numbers. The numbers are irrelevant and more subjective than words that are backed up by facts, something you can hardly do with numbers, especially if you want to be consistent. Even reviewers contradict themselves.

Lastly, if you wanna know how to buy games without review scores and sales numbers, then read the F***ing fact sheets of the game and also *read* the review to see if features are well implemented rather than the numeric scores (because opinions on the storyline and the graphics are also personal). That should help, and if you are a fan of a series or a genre, then there's more reason for you to buy it. But don't try to come here and tell me "HALO IS BETTER COZ OF TEH SALES" or "TEH METACRITIC SED SO" because that's just bullsh1t.

DelbertGrady3248d ago

Nice spin seizure you had there.

"Lastly, if you wanna know how to buy games without review scores and sales numbers, then read the F***ing fact sheets of the game and also *read* the review to see if features are well implemented rather than the numeric scores (because opinions on the storyline and the graphics are also personal)."

How about "just play the game"?

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