Poker--Your Next Online Game?

Amy Nelson at The Goozex Report says: With the ability to chat with other players, win real money--even at free-site tournaments--and cash in player points for items varying from teddy bears to luxury cars, Internet poker has something for everyone. Some join at the free sites but move quickly to the real money play, while others are content to play no-stakes indefinitely. For those who would not consider poker a "real" video game, look to the thousands who purchased such titles as Poker Masters, and the World Championship Poker games that feature Howard Lederer. There are poker titles available for virtually every console, including handheld versions. But why play alone, when you can join an entire community playing online?

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JimmyJames703224d ago

I used to play online Black Jack all the time. When Texas Hold 'em was released on XBLA I played that constantly. But then there was a glitch or an upgrade or something happened and I lost all my money and I had to start all over. That's when I stopped.

JudoChinX3223d ago

Now I'm considering playing texas hold em' on XBL...

averyzoe3223d ago

there is just nothing like playing with real people. Games can only simulate so much, so playing with real people makes it so much more unpredictable. Frustrating at times, but more fun too.