Blizzard announces Starcraft II Italian and Polish Versions

Blizzard announced Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty will be shipped and offer tech support in Italian and Polish languages.

New Forums, Facebook and Twitter pages have been localized to build up Italian and Polish communities.

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Medievaldragon3249d ago

Mama mia, awesome sauce news for the italian and polish communities. However, now we know who to blame for delays. /wrist lol

JonahNL3249d ago

I think the delay of the beta is definitely due to something else. Unless we're getting one in either Italian or Polish! =P


Recka3249d ago

Good to see multi-language support for a game with this much hype imo :D

Maticus3249d ago

I take it the first game didn't have this? Well done Blizz :)

Leord3249d ago

No, first game I think was even launched as an English game in Korea, and since none there speaks English, they just learned the names by heart. In China they have all weird names for the units...

Leord3249d ago

To be honest, this really seem like a waste of time.

I'm Swedish, and if they would even consider translating SC2 to Swedish, I would still import it. I know many Germans will do the same...

So, how many Polish people do you think will do that?! They have generally very good English.

Waste of time I tell you!

hay3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

It depends. People knowing English will probably hit the original version, obviously. But there are additional copies sold after localising the game. There are lots of poles still playing SC, it's good choice IMO since first SC was translated to Polish by Ukrainians as I recall(don't quote me on that) which was completely inaccurate, hilarious and retarded at the same time.

@below: Probably in the range of 100-200k. It's hard to speak about delays when no date was announced yet. I prefer original, English with shorter wait.

Cogo3249d ago

True. The question is if there's enough of them to warrant the delay in production and the extra cost. Will the sales really be that much bigger?

JonahNL3249d ago

Great to hear Blizzard's supporting many languages. Might increase sales on a continental basis.

Dorjan3249d ago

How much work must go into doing multi-lang games...?

Leord3249d ago

Exactly! Who else is thinking about this?

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The story is too old to be commented.