IGTV: Global Agenda Video Walkthrough

IncGamers' Belinda Vaughan walks players through the first section of Global Agenda, including character creation and the tutorial mission.

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Maticus3168d ago

Loving the customisation options, more games should have a range like that.

AndyA3168d ago

Good walkthrough, quite intrigued by this.

Cogo3168d ago

Oh! Apparently she's done like loads of these!

A few anyway...


Malfurion3168d ago

The free-aiming feature is unlike your average MMO, very cool.

Leord3168d ago

Well, it looks a lot like Hellgate: London in that respect. They also had communal "towns" in a similar way.

The mission system here might be better suited as an MMO though

Medievaldragon3168d ago

More games keep spending time with customization setting the standard. That's always good. You kinda feel tired of seeing the same clones over and over.

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