IncGamers Review - Bayonetta

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani goes so far as to tie back his hair and don heels to really get a feel for Bayonetta.

From the review: "Despite her ability to move, or anyone's ability to move for that matter, Bayonetta is a great example of how a modern day "hack 'n' slash" game should be made. From the moment you're introduced to this selfish yet sassy woman, you're hooked. And it's no surprise as the story is woven by Hideki Kamiya, the man behind some of the best games, well, ever. And it tells. There is influence and inspiration from his previous work most notably, Devil May Cry. It's the cinematic feel and the movie-like quality which seamlessly integrates from game to story and from story to game."

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Maticus3249d ago

Desperate to try this game out, looks like it lives up to the hype

Leord3249d ago

If nothing else, I just think "Bayonetta" is a really cool name.

9.3 isn't something to take a piss at either

Dorjan3249d ago

This one slipped my net.

9.3? Hmm, OK might be worth it then :D

AndyA3249d ago

Is it just me, or is Bayonetta one of the most un-sexy female video game characters ever? She looks like a librarian.

Redrudy3249d ago

What's with the obsession with hair?