Final Fantasy VIII Coming Feb 4th To EU PlayStation Store

Many Europeans have been waiting for a quite a while to get their hands on Final Fantasy VIII via the PlayStation store, as it originally became available in Japan way back in September of 2009. North Americans were then able to enjoy it in December of 2009, but Europeans kept checking every Thursday to no avail.

Sony have now finally given a concrete release date for the title though, and they've set it as the 4th of February, 2010.

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Kyll3224d ago

Man, if I was in Europe, I'd just get a US friend of mine to buy me PS Store cards for the US store xD.

Sangria3224d ago

Even though I didn't like FFVIII much, all I can say is: It was a goddamn wait, "thanks" SCEE !

devilhunterx3224d ago

Should have bought it the 1st time when it came out, but then again. This all will be on 1 single download. So a big plus.