Report: US Airways Tears A Man's Xbox 360 Apart

Consumerist reader Adam thought it was safe to take his Xbox 360 on a plane with him. He'd received assurances from US Airways that it was. Uh, no. It wasn't.

Upon landing, Adam says he opened his luggage and found his Xbox 360 had been cracked open. He also found inside his luggage something he didn't put in there: a small ziploc back. Full of "tiny metal components". Components that used to be inside his Xbox 360, which was of course now completely busted.

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ThatCanadianGuy3165d ago

- Well, obviously.You can't bring an explosive device on an airplane -

LostDjinn3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

So this is what passes as news? Informative. Insightful. Relevant. These are just some words that don't come to mind reading about a guys' busted console.
What's next? "Gamer loses controller behind sofa!"

Thanks kotaku. Excellent work.

Troll_Police3165d ago

They were probably just trying to fix it for him.