EDGE review scores

The review scores from the latest issue of EDGE have been released (211).

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Valay3221d ago

Can't believe EDGE gave the same scores to Crystal Bearers and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I thought the magazine was going to kill The Crystal Bearers. Having played that game, I don't see how they could give it and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom the same scores.

Simon_Brezhnev3221d ago

its Edge what do you expect lol

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gaffyh3221d ago

This is why I will always say that Edge has a crap review rating system. They gave Darksiders a 6??!? That is an amazing game, it deserves AT LEAST an 8.

But it's Edge, their review scores are always all over the place.

StanLee3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

4 for MAG?!!! WTH? And Darksiders really seems to be polarizing. Some reviewers love the game, others seem to be turned off by the fact that it borrows from so many popular titles.

Edit: Wait, Army of Two scored higher than Darksiders and MAG?! Craziness!

GameGambits3221d ago

Did they really give MAG a 4? A ...F O U R !? I mean it by NO MEANS is my next big shooter...but a 4? That's so below the belt and a freaking lie... I mean WOW!

MAG from my 30 some hours earns itself like a 7.4 or so...and for some it'll be a lot more if they get into it....but a 4 is just completely a load of crap. A 4 should go to...a Hannah Montana game. :/

BRG90003221d ago

and this is a pretty mediocre list of games in general, no big smashes on it anyway. I would speculate that this month's scores are lower than most months.

So Edge's average review score is above the middle of its scale, and it is notorious for low/harsh review scores. Just goes to show how inflated review scores are, and how inflated peoples' expectations of review scores are.

SuperStrokey11233221d ago

4 for mag? Serious? I dont know how you can review a online only game where you need at least 256 people online for a while to really get the full understanding of the game... I kinda doubt that has happened given that its been only review copies out yet. I I doubt they have been able to properly review this game with those small numbers.

I call shens on that one.

anticooper3221d ago

its always the same with edge,they are trying so hard to be special, its just sad and funny at the same time:-)attention seekers never dies, edge is like a little child crying for attention,they get it, but its not in a good way. i've said it before and i say it again every circus needs a freak, and edge is the wannabe freak of the gaming industry,GAME ON AND PEACE:-)

Unicron3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"So Edge's average review score is above the middle of its scale, and it is notorious for low/harsh review scores. Just goes to show how inflated review scores are, and how inflated peoples' expectations of review scores are."

Rather, goes to show how arcane and stupid the concept of review scores is, and how they should be done away with. What makes other outlets inflated, and Edge "correct?" Because they grade more harshly? Is harsh synonymous with "fair" or "right?"

Edge is a bunch of self-important ego trippers, and like every other review outlet, they lack consistency in their scoring methods. They spout off about how innovation and originality are paramount in their review process, then go and award slightly improved sequels like Halo 3 perfect scores while condemning others. Edge is just as biased as the next place.

darkmurder3221d ago

Just shows how biased Edge are, truly ridiculous to give MAG a 4 did they even READ ... the manual on reviewing?

Karooo3221d ago

a 10?? its no way a 10.

BRG90003221d ago

Agree completely. Didn't mean to imply Edge is any more correct than any other site, just meant to call out the absurdity of scoring in general and the way people complain about them.

I'd echo your call for review scores to be eliminated entirely, as I think that would be great for the industry, but sadly that is not going to happen in the metacritic age.

OmarJA-N4G3221d ago

So MAG is a 80% score title according to EDGE.

pansenbaer3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

What are you talking about!?! There is no MAG score on that article. Did you get the score from something else?


Look down at the bottom. He clearly states he was doing an 'experiment'. Well its called spam buddy.

mastiffchild3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Darkmurder-why did you list a score of four for MAG when it's not on the article? did you ge it from elsewhere as I couldn't find it and also thought that it would be hard to review fairly anytime before release as noone will have a clue how it's likely to even perform til it goes on sale and the servers start working flat out.

Just interested where the score came from, that's all.

EDIT:thought so from the READ in one of D'murder's posts. He's having a little fun at the expense of people who don't click on the link to read the articles. Amusing. Not very, though, as a lot of people already know Ninty Everything just list the scores and by taking you at your word and saving themleves some time you thought it fit to laugh at them? You acted like a bedly arrogant PC fanboy the other night and now it's clear you only want to wind up PS3 owners for whatever reason. Make it believable next time out and you might catch a few more people silly enough to think someone was doing something nice for them-way to redeem yourself fella. NO MAG scores at Metacritic as yet.

Christopher3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Darksiders definitely isn't a 6/10 game. It has its problems, but at not a 6/10 game. I wouldn't score it lower than 7/10.

6/10 is on the edge of failure, which is 5/10. The game is far from that. It's not great or exceptional, but it is fun, a good mix of God of War and Zelda, and well-done in regards to art and storytelling.

Perhaps it's different in the UK, but here's our score range:

0-59 = F (failing)
60-69 = D (barely passing)
70-79 = C (acceptable)
80-89 = B (good)
90-100 = A (excellent)

I would no way in heck call Darksiders a barely passing game. I can't speak on the other games since I haven't played them, though.

Edit: Why are idiots bringing up a false score on MAG?

theEnemy3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Clearly alot of you just enters a news, read the comments, then go the the bottom the the page and write a comment without even reading the original source.

If you fall to darkmurder's bait, you deserved it.

darkmurder3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Puh-lease this is a ridiculous trend on N4G, no one reads the articles anymore and really should, wake up call!


Erm mastiff see how many are cying foul?

Unicron3221d ago

BRG, I do have to agree with you on your other point. And that is inflated expectations. In today's score range, 8 is crap, and everything below a 9 is meh. I don't know why we have a score range at all to be honest.

peeps3221d ago

lmao @ every1 going on about MAG's score just cus darkmurder said so haha for god's sake read the damn article!!!!!

gaffyh3221d ago

Guys, there is NO MAG score in this edition. darkmurder was being a fanboy as always.

Obama3221d ago

Army of Two: The 40th Day – 7
Dark Void – 6
Darksiders – 6
Torchlight – 7
Alien Breed: Evolution – 5
Half-Minute Hero – 8
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – 6
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers – 7
Max and the Magic Marker – 7
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars – 7
Starship Patrol – 8
Mass Effect 2 - 5

how dare they gave ME2 a 5!

BYE3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


ME2 a 5 ??

Way too high! Should be a 2. /jk

baum3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Is anyone surprised?

Edit: Damn it, stupid darkmurder. Fell for it.

BRG90003221d ago

That scale might be how it works in schools, but I've never seen a reviewer say their rating system works that way. Most sites (biggest example: IGN) that associate words with their review scores consider a 5.0 out of 10 to be average. The problem is the actual average of review scores they award is often in the 7.5 range or higher, and that average seems to get closer to 10 every year. This is why gamers' perception has become that a game scoring 8 is only so-so when really that score is closer to perfect than average.

MmaFanQc3221d ago

darksiders 6?....thats ridiculous

SuperStrokey11233221d ago

haha busted me, guess i better read more closely.

kingdavid3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


Poor baby. Fell for it and cant take a joke. Waaaaaahh.

Lighten up a bit.

FamilyGuy3220d ago

I went to the article (if you can call it that) first and was instantly confused by the MAG comment. Had to double check and was still like "wtf?".

Good trick! lol

vhero3220d ago

Hahaha gotta love people who just read comments and not the article..

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mjolliffe3221d ago

Darksiders deserves at least a 7, if not 8.

Corrwin3221d ago

Low standards, much?

6/10 is "decent", or "better than average", which is great for Zelda with a lick of HD paint.

Of course I'm not saying EDGE actually stick to their own metric, they go insane as soon as they see something shiny just as much as another review site. Hell they gave Halo 3 a perfect 10 for minor improvements, and then give games like Darksiders, Resistance 2 6s for not being original enough :|

silvacrest3221d ago

i played darksiders from start to finish on the hardest difficulty and i would give it a 7.5 to 8 score, its certainly better the bayonetta

Foxgod3221d ago

Half minute Hero was awesome, i finished that game in 30 seconds, and the bonus level in 3 seconds.

Hopefully it will get a sequel, just like Holy invasion of privacy badman!

BeaArthur3221d ago

I'm pretty sure these scores were posted like a week or so ago.

Hakimy3221d ago

normal scores.nothing wrong with them.I always wait for Edge scores.I think they concentrate on enjoyment and fun factor in games,something which people in this gen forget about in games.I also like the fact that they are harsh.that's what we need.people who won't rate a game higher just because it has pretty graphics ;)

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Bollocks i say . Not when stuff like Dark void get 6 . It is not fun , it got a crappy gameplay , and isnt pretty . All of wich dont fit any of their alledged standards .

They are not harsh at all ... they choose carefully who they gives free passes to that's all .

When they wish to "trash" a game suddenly it wont be innovative enough . Wich is obviously convenient , when 90% of games , including those Edge loves , wouldnt really be innovative .

It's their joker card for lazy writing and faux-elitism . It what after make them look "edgy" in the eyes of their fans .
They purposely pick up targets most would expect to get a positive or more positive reviews , and tear it apart .

Actually harsh sites , such as Gamekult (sadly it's only french) would be harsh on every game , with only a select few going above 8 .. wich is natural .