StarCraft 2 Screenshot from Blizzard Russia

A lot of StarCraft II news for one week. Not only did fans notice the support site sneakily open, but now also new graphics from the game engine.

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Holyknight30003222d ago

when i see those containers i see Xel'naga!

Cogo3222d ago

Yeah.. Or perhaps humans trying to recreate the Xelnaga?

Holyknight30003222d ago

that would be rather interesting humans trying to recreate xel'naga.

Cogo3222d ago

The "Hybrids" are not exactly that. They are more the goal of what the Xelnaga tried to make originally.

Leord3222d ago

From Mother Russia With Love

Maticus3222d ago

What a masive improvement over the first game!

Leord3222d ago

One would hope some 11+ years would have some effect :P

Holyknight30003222d ago

yeah i'd say so. I just hope my old computer can even start the game up with the detail they have put into this game so far.

Cogo3222d ago

Bought new gaming gear ages ago. Just hope it's still "new" by the time the bloody game is released!

Dorjan3222d ago

looks cool, but is that it!?

Leord3222d ago the article...

Cogo3222d ago

Basically, it's stasis containers. In SC1 these were used to make a "hybrid" between Protoss and Zerg. Something that "Duran" fella seems to be involved in.

He must have been on something mightily powerful to resist Kerrigan's lure.

All very interesting, regardless!

Fyzzu3222d ago

Interested to see where this goes, plot-wise. Brood War left plenty of stuff unexplained and even with a few tantalising hints in the last few missions, and with the way Blizzard tell their stories, I'm looking forward to going through this and seeing what it's all about.

JonahNL3222d ago

Definitely a lot more detail, not only in terms of the debris, but also the terrain. Blizzard is very well aware of the graphical standard they have to reach this year. Games such as SupCom 2 and C&C4 easily surpass the game in terms of graphics. On the other hand, SCII will have great system requirements this way, which is one of the most important things these days.

AndyA3222d ago

Isn't there a risk it will look pretty dated by the time it (eventually) comes out? I'm not sure they've struck the right visual balance yet.

JonahNL3222d ago

Well, during development Blizzard continues to refine their games in terms of graphical quality. Just look at the way the game looked when it was announced and how it looks right now. Same goes for Diablo III. I wouldn't worry about an outdated look at all, the scale of the battles and the amazing details are enough to look forward to. =)

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