IO: 'The world needs Kane & Lynch 2'

CC: Artistic director for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Ramus Poulsen has said that the world needs the sequel to Dead Men.

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nogolis3222d ago

Saying this is like saying everyone needs colon cancer.

mjolliffe3222d ago

Until I see some real gameplay I can't make my decision :)

kingdavid3222d ago

IO have got alot to prove before they can go out and say things like this.

bacon133222d ago

Well let's just ask

Me: "World, do you need Kane & Lynch 2?"
World: "LOL, are you effing kidding me!"

There you have it folks. I don't like forming opinions before a final product is delivered but I can safely say I hate this game already.

movements3222d ago

Well let the world have it then.

elcompa4253222d ago

The world needs another HITMAN!!!! I WANT MY HITMAN!!!


Sangria3222d ago

If the next Hitman game is a tie-in of the next Hitman movie, I'm not sure to want it (even though Hitman is one of my favorite series with Legacy of Kain and Metal Gear Solid).

Solidus187-SCMilk3222d ago

but the world didnt want kane and lynch 1.

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