Nintendo is the new Sony: Chip tech holder sues Nintendo

Super Mario and friends are facing legal action from a US-based semiconductor intellectual property company over an alleged patent infringement - potentially within the Wii games console.

Texas-based Lonestar Inventions filed the suit earlier this month in which it alleged that Nintendo's US division has violated a patent it holds for a high-capacitance structure within a semiconductor device.

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CrazzyMan3714d ago

you get money, you get lawsuit.

Keyser3714d ago

Ahhh...The Notorius B.I.G, who coined the phrase "He went from ashy to classy"

Yeah, with Nintendo success they will probably find themselves a lot of "get rich quick" law suits.

Eidolon3714d ago

Nintendo finally gets sued, lol.

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

Finally? it happend before >_>

XxZxX3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

he meant since nexgen console got sued, finally its nintendo turn

texism3713d ago

WTF another frigin TEXAS based company? Why is it always TEXAS?

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

if i recall they are sued already because of the wii-mote.

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