Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Gameplay Details Revealed

As interest continues to grow in this stunning new title from series creator Hideo Kojima, he and his Tokyo-based Kojima Productions team have also revealed several key new elements to be found in the game. The first major reveal is the Mother Base offshore plant, which acts as a hub for items and personnel collected within the game. During the course of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, users can recruit felled adversaries and transport them to the Mother Base sea rig by using the Fulton Recovery System.

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Close_Second3222d ago

...that they could not somehow release this game for the PSP-3000 and Go only. Sick of PSP not getting more love like this because of rampant pirating.

PirateThom3222d ago

Wait.... so I should have to buy a new PSP just to play it?

NeutralGamer3219d ago

Yeah Pirate :D
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is intended to be played on PSP Go
(Remember it was announced with it?)

I agree to close second that the pirating sucks!

40cal3222d ago

This is my most wanted PSP game for 2010.