Mortal Online: Server Stress Test Tonight

Gamers with a registered account on the Mortal Online website can take part in the server stress test later today, in preparation for the controversial MMO's launch.

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Maticus3221d ago

Still no release date... Gah, when is this coming out?!

Still, I'll be "testing" those servers tonight :P

kalos3221d ago

Where Work meets Gaming.

Wish I had the time; got work to do for the next two weeks. :P

Leord3221d ago

Here cooomes niiiiple!


Cogo3221d ago

.... and full frontal nudity... :)

Leord3221d ago

Haha, yeah. I'm not really bothered at all about nudity in games, or sex...

It doesn't do anything for me (does it do anything for anyone?).

What does somethign for me is all the moral high horses that come out whenever something like this happens. Or, I don't like it, but I REALLY like it when they get upset, annoyed or the like...

I wouldn't go as far as I'd like to se them hurt, unless they start infringing upon freedom of speech and stuff like that.

Cogo3221d ago

Like those Germans who want to ban violence in video games? It makes me cringe!

Fyzzu3221d ago

I'm going to have to give this a whirl sometime. I can see some, um, unique opportunities for griefing that I'd like to explore.

Malfurion3221d ago

Yeah, trouble is I think a lot of people will have the same idea. Advice? Don't play a female character and go out alone...