Rumour: Rare working on Natal fitness game

VG247: VG247 has learnt that Rare are working on a fitness title for Project Natal.

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Hellsvacancy3249d ago

I cant c many over-weight teenage Americans tradin in there copy of Halo 3 4-this

Bungie3249d ago

hardcore gamers like me may not like this

but it could sell alot of 360s

execution173249d ago

going out and trying to duplicate the Wii Fits success

Simon_Brezhnev3249d ago

hate to say it but this is probably going to sell like crazy

Darkeyes3249d ago

Lol... Sorry to be a jerk, but I LOL at Rare if they are doing this.. Wow what a fukin downgrade lol. I remembered them as the ones rumored to be creating a FPS for Natal and then we see them making a Wii fit clone LOL.

I can see M$ marketing this to counter Wii Fit... But still I feel M$ is running into a mid life identity Crisis.. First it wants to be the most hardcore console out there and now it chases the Casuals. People still perceive 360 as a hardcore console and frankly I don't see the Granny's and Fat Moms who ran out and bought the Wii buy this... Too intimidating for them lol.

The Great Melon3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I really feel sorry for Rare. They used to be one of the best in my book in the days of the n64, but now they seem more or less of a workhorse for Microsoft. Still have many fond memories of Jet Force Gemini and Banjo Kazooie.

silvacrest3249d ago

microsoft are just chasing money and what sells right now is the wii and its shovelware, i guess i dont blame them but this is just a downgrade for RARE, pure and simple

i can imagine being one of RARE's devs thinking "okay, we get to make a natal FPS soon, this could be awesome" only for microsoft to say ", your making a wii fit clone"

what a waste of talent

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3249d ago

Hardcore gamers aren't the only kind of gamers, guys.

This is just something new (and different) for the 360.
No harm in that.

jcgamer3249d ago

Now 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get those sit ups right and
Tuck your tummy tight and
do your crunches like this
Give [email protected]?#, stop breathe
Get up, fix your weave...

lol :)

m-s-8-23249d ago

I don't think you could call anyone who'd buy Wiifit or whatever Rare's project will be called as a gamer. Where I come we'd call the a schmuk.

Rush-Sykes3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

To be honest I would love a fitness game for my 360, And its not like Rare ain't up for the challenge. Before Microsoft bought them they made about half of Nintendo's great games.

They should have some of that old Nintendo creativity left in them even if it has dimmed a little. I would rather have one for the PS3 though truth to told since I don't use my 360 in the living room.

My PS3 is my house media hub so all the add-ons I would rather get for that. I still haven't got around to getting a Wii for some reason. Most likely something to do with having to pay alot more money for a re-boxed gamecube.

qface643249d ago

i seriously broke out laughing when i read this im not even joking lol

rare really isn't what they used to be they stopped being good after the N64 (my opinion)

heck they are only rare in name most of the original people left rare already

Sitdown3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

oh how the world has changed....we are in the land of of self righteous and the self proclaimed "hardcore gamer" who goes around with their controller knighting what is and is not a game. Some of you really need a reality check on gaming....or at least go back to the roots.

Now, with that rant out the way...I would prefer that Rare be working on Kameo 2; if indeed this "rumour" is true.

commodore643249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

You may laugh, but I would probably buy some kind of fitness game if I had Natal.

In my old age, my waistline has expanded a little and a game of this nature might be a fun way to keep fit?
Who knows?

The fitness industry certainly is a massive market.
How many stay at home moms wouldn't love a 'zumba' or 'thai bo' NATAL interactive fitness game in the comfort of their own home?

I think there is a massive market for this kind of thing.
MS may be onto a winner here...

darkmurder3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Can we honestly believe this article? Its ridiculous just some lame story or idea I don't know what it was?

Carl14123249d ago

Poor Rare, is this what MS has you doing these days? Poor, poor Rare...

KingME3249d ago

The haters are out in force today, all this does is add more flexibility to the 360. It's funny how people are hating on Rare because they are making a exercise game instead of a shooter. We already know you don't give a damn about Rare anyway, you're just saying you feel sorry for them as a backhanded way of bashing them.

I commend Rare on their flexibility and their ability to do that is assigned to them. Shows versatility; besides the games rare made for the SNES can now be done on an iphone, I assure you there is more involved in making a 360 game than an SNES game.

I will go out on a limb and say at some point Sony is going to make an exercise game for the PS3 and we'll see what you haters have to say them; as a matter of fact, let me make a note of your names so that I can find your comments later.

sikbeta3249d ago


Keep making Banjo kazooie games instead of that [email protected]

The Maxx3249d ago

LOL @ the "poor Rare" comments. Rare now has the opportunity to tap into the same Wii Fit market...which could produce millions of revenue for MS. Rare has already said that they have a bunch of titles in the pipeline and Rare is well known for their games that are targeted at the casual have is Rare making a work-out game any different than the other casual games they made?

bioshock12213249d ago

I could actually see this working unlike wiifit since you are not limited by a controller and a board.

Bigpappy3249d ago

This is a no brainer. I go to the gym every week and I will be one of the first to pick this up. I actually like Ricochet as a fitness game.

Bigpappy3249d ago

Attacking Rare for making a fitness game and implying it is beneath them to make a fitness game is the most stupid argument I can remember ever hearing. How the heck do you know it is a we fit clone. Natal and the Wii work completely different. You might have to worry about getting Wii clones on the PS3 when the Dildo wand is released, as the mechanics of the wand and the Wii mote are the same. Natal is a full body tracking device. The Wii and the Dildo do single point tracking.

Bathyj3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

The only thing sadder than the once great Rare adopting M$'s "me too" attitude is Xbox fanboys pretending it would be great the see a previously awesome developer wasting their time on a waggle "game."

I cant even say "game" there without gritting my teeth.

Admit it, if Naughty Dog we're going to spend the next year on a WiiFit clone you'd all be there yelling shameless sellout, and I'd be inclined to agree with you. There talents are best spent elsewhere.

Rare need to prove they still have some talent, ambition and most of all passion for this industry since they left Nintendo.

Seriously, from DKC, GE and PD to this?

I know you think I'm just a hater, but Rare used to be so cool and their best game since going to M$ is Viva Pinata? Not good enough.

The Maxx3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

i don't think Naughty Dog this gen are known for their "casual" games. Rare has ALWAYS been catering their games to the casual market. So for Rare to make a casual game is really not outside their norm. Where with Naughty Dog, it would look rather odd, especially after releasing Uncharted 2. When you think Naughty Dog, you think GOTY Uncharted 2.

The Crash days are long over. R&C are not selling to the casual market as they once did.

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N4PS3G3249d ago

lol just as sad as Wii Fit..but it will sell tons of 360 consoles and Natal and thats what they want

sikbeta3249d ago

This is important only to Fat-boys and/or Shareholders, but seriously who cares if this thing sell or don't sell a [email protected], when gamers can't get any benefit...

Natsu X FairyTail3249d ago

not cool. what's the difference between this and the fitness DVD they sale on TV?

I hope this is really a rumour because MS is waisting RARE's talent as DEVS right now.

THE MAX SPEED 213249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

coker bad fur day :(

Banjo-kazooie (pre Car thing) :(

jet force gemini :(

Killer Instic :(

Kameo :(

Grabbed by the ghoulies :(

I want those games from rare. not this

bozebo3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

goldeneye, perfect dark...

anway rare are rubbish now and they have been since half of them left to make free radical back in 2000 (until EA made them make haze). MS only bought them for the IP.

ape0073249d ago

blast corpse :(

killer instinct :(

donkey kong....HUGE :(

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